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If you can keep it,

March 12, 2010

I have heard many people say many different things about what our country needs to survive. Some from the left say we need socialism or a lightened version of Soviet Communism, but the very essence of what makes the United States who we are, our individual liberty and freedom would be swept away for the “greater good” so I question

Some on the right point to various party leaders like Sarah Palin, saying in effect they are our version of Comrade Zero, a conservative savior to be more direct. Others look to Reagan, seeing his guiding principles and expertise at communicating those principals as what would be a cleansing flood for our country.

Others see our nation as defunct already, to steal a quote “It’s too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the bastards” and are rooting for its [our nations] disintegration, some with hopes of being new founding fathers, and others with aims far more base and visceral that I will not mention here.

I see all these as flawed beyond use, not because I don’t love Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin, I do but I don’t think they are what our nation needs right now. We have been slowly devoured over the last 80 years by an incremental shift ever to the left, and I don’t think one leader will do the trick.

To fix our nation, to return it to its founding principles, to get back to “The United States are” instead of “The United States is” we need not a revolution of guns, but a revolution of thinking. And here’s why, without a massive shift in the way our nation thinks from the inner-city ghetto dwellers to the elite of Hollywood and Washington, it won’t matter who happens to be in charge of the funny looking house on Pennsylvania Av. or which party controls the senate, or even if we burn these things down and build new ones, on a new set of rules. The people being chosen to represent the Citizens of our nation will come from that body of Citizens, and without a mindset change in everyone, we will have the same ideas running things we have now, just with different faces and different letters in front of their name.

Education is the crux of everything, when we moved from little red school houses to conglomerated state run schools, we gave the keys to the minds of future generations to the government, and one could say that public schooling was the first step to total socialism in the USA. Because there is one thing that a government does very well other than kill people and break things, and that’s acquire power. And when we gave them our kids we gave them the power to influence what they considered normal, their morals, and perhaps more important than anything, their understanding of history.

You see it doesn’t really matter where you learn arithmetic, 1+1 =2 everywhere even in Communist China. Not so with history, history is a broad and dangerous subject, when taught correctly, students can observe the actions and decisions made in the past by leaders and normal folk alike, but when shackled to a government machine, history becomes a propaganda tool for politically correct ideals of the bureaucrats in power.

Now were you to take a modern history text from a high school classroom, I would challenge you to find the full text of Washington’s farewell address, or find the painting of him kneeling at Valley Forge praying for his men. Or to find this quote from John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And while the editing of one speech or the omission of one quote isn’t going to send us spiraling down the past to social devastation, and we really don’t have complete widespread selective editing of vast portions of our nation’s history at the moment, what we are seeing is the school system selectively removing religion and character from our founding fathers. And beyond beginning to be corrupted, we find history being marginalized and removed from our classrooms altogether, which is quite frankly, status quo for totalitarian states and organizations.

I would rather have my children (when I have them) have a working knowledge of history, than a working knowledge of mathematics. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it, and I’m not talking about the nice and happy parts like the invention of the light bulb or the ratification of the Constitution, I’m talking about the bits like 720,000 dead in the American civil war, 16 million dead in World War 1, gas chambers, dungeons and inquisitions.
You can tell how short people’s memories are when socialism and a watered down version of fascism are running amok (what exactly is a mok anyway and why does it run?) in Europe and people in the US can’t really seem to understand why it’s a bad thing. If inside 70 years socialism or democratic socialism which is the catch phrase now can take such a hold on western Europe and Canada as to be considered a legitimate political philosophy, and have the US overwhelmingly elect the most socialistically inclined President and Congress in the history of the Republic, it is patently obvious that the West has forgotten what tyranny and oppression feel like. Is 70 years really so long a time that we cannot remember the weight of the heel of government on the necks of free people everywhere? A properly educated population with an understanding of the consequences of the various political, social and fiscal positions will never willingly choose a leftist agenda over traditional Western values. It is only within the uneducated masses, and history can bear this out, in Russia, China, Vietnam, and coming soon to a metropolis near you, that socialism sprouted and took to the detriment and downfall of nations.

It’s important to note that Socialism has taken a different route to dominance in the United States, in most situations a few leaders round up support for socialistic / communistic policies within the uneducated population at large and then either overthrows the government, or infiltrates the government and foists the new ideals upon the rest of the country. Here however the socialist movement made an attempt at the traditional method back in the 60s and 70s hell even back in the 20s and 30s and got nowhere, and they made a slight change of plans. Since they didn’t have enough people power to change the nation from the bottom up, they took control of the political class (yes we have one). And incrementally they have generated the uneducated, oppressed feeling underclass that they require to fully implement their socialist programs. The sad thing ladies and gentlemen is that it has worked almost completely. The uneducated college graduate blinded by a 4 year session of relentless communist propaganda and the lower economic class people, those with little money and apparently less ambition have reached what is close to critical mass, each willing to sacrifice their liberty in exchange for the programs and promises coming from the left. And while they don’t outnumber us yet, the number of people who really don’t get it, and are more concerned with other things than politics tend to combine with these creations of the left when the appropriate feel-good words are whispered in their ears. And together they do outnumber us, and they may outnumber us by more than even I realize simply because there are a number of people who vote our way in elections for little to no reason. They simply check ‘R’ because that’s what they always do.

We sell ourselves cheaply, for simple and silly things like health-care or a retirement packages and in doing so we train the next generation to do the same. If we want our country back, we have to decide that if we call ourselves Americans we are beholden to the promise set down by our founding fathers to one another, and passed on to us; to see individual liberty pre-eminent in America need it be purchased with our lives or fortunes or sacred honor. To instill the ideals, values and knowledge required to maintain a free republic in our children and ourselves.
And beyond that we must find leaders from the body of Americans who believe as we do, that traditional American values aren’t just a set of political positions, one among many acceptable alternatives, but the only values, the only principals that can keep our country. And we must all be willing to be those leaders. For our current leadership simply does not have the intestinal fortitude, the strong adherence to our principals, to see us through the battles ahead.

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