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A Modest Proposal on Illegal Immigration

March 15, 2010

Well the wheel has come around again and there are stirrings on Capitol Hill about once again trying to tackle illegal immigration. Lawmakers working to craft a new solution for illegal immigration that is politically acceptable to all of the various pressure groups from the ACLU to La Raza, not one of who represent the rank and file American Publics opinion. Call me a cynic but I doubt anything will get done this time. Ideas to halt illegal immigration that have been floated are unacceptable to some segment of the politically connected industrial farmers, you know that’s who’s really behind any push for amnesty, but amnesty will almost ensure the total defeat of all the politicians who vote for it in the current throw the bums out climate. Any simple solution like simply enforcing the blessed laws already out there will not occur to politicians who pass laws then fall back in pleasure like a druggie who just snorted half of Colombia up his nose. The political class seems to get stupider every day.

Meanwhile south of the border in Mexico where most of the illegal’s hail, more than 111 million Mexican nationals are mostly poor even though their nation has some of the largest oil and mineral deposits on the continent. The main problem is that the government is as corrupt as the Nevada Gaming Commission. Millions of Mexicans are unable to rise above the circumstances and that’s the main reason that the illegal’s come into the United States to find jobs. Yes, some of them are crooks: drug dealers or worse. But the overwhelming majority of them are poor men and women who seek a better life for themselves and their children since they can’t find that life in Mexico. The big problem for most of them is the government of Mexico has stacked the deck against them because there is a de facto caste system built into Mexican society. If you were born poor, your children will be poor. Your father and his father’s father were poor. The overwhelming majority of Mexicans are locked into the economic level of their parents. There is no legal way for them to move ahead, economically and the other choice is to do business with the gangsters. But just across the border is a land bursting with opportunity. Hard work, a little luck and you can get ahead in the States. The streets of Norte America may not be paved with gold, but a man can rise above poverty. More important, a working man can see his children get an education and move up to an economic level that is denied to them in their native Mexico no matter how many times the government is changed. The problem isn’t with our brother Mexicans or a lack of resources it’s a systemic flaw in the constitutional government.  

But constitutions can be changed so my modest proposal is for regime change in Mexico, specifically Mexicans becoming Yanquis.  Let’s make México a series of ten states.

Before anyone thinks I’m writing another parody let me state I am serious. Think about it; let’s put it to a vote of our brothers on the side of the border. Then Mexico would join the United States of America with full rights and responsibilities. Many, many men and women from Mexico serve our country in the military and their patriotism and loyalty to the USA is without question. Surely most of their countrymen would be in favor of joining our Union and see the same benefit as the formally Mexican states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California? Do you honestly believe that Mexicans won’t want to give up their wonderful Mexican government with such a sterling civil rights record and such honest incorruptible officials? The majority of the population of Mexico likes our country’s values and social system and opportunities that many are willing to risk life and limb to get here. Many have wonderful family values and an amazing culture that inspired Taco Bell and a great number of Mexican restaurants all across this great nation.

We would gain complete and immediate legal control over both sides of the border as well as all ports and points of entry within Mexico, a national security boon. Mexicans who are now coming here illegally would no longer be coming illegally, but safely and to verifiable destinations via public transportation paid for with their own tax dollars. The U.S. businesses that pounced on the market partly to offset the loss of obscenely cheap labor would be required to pay taxes that would cover renovating the Mexican infrastructure, with a substantial allotment for education heavy on English as a second language.

Americans have much to look forward to as well — for instance, complete energy independence, for Mexican oil and natural gas could end U.S. dependence on foreign oil, with all the adverse impact on our balance of payments that buying foreign oil causes. The various other resources that made Spain so keen on conquering Mexico to begin with would also be open to American investors. Oh, they wouldn’t get them free, of course. They’d have to pay a fair price, or fair royalty, to the present owners. But U.S. business would be able to invest in areas of the Mexican economy now barred. Mexico’s resource of greatest value to U.S. business, however, is its enormous, “unsaturated” consumer market. The move would instantly restore Industrial might to United States, until the slave labor in china catches up.  The 77 million baby boomers that have influenced everything about this nation are growing older and could move to the new states of the former México and retire. The United States would gain about five new Las Vegas’ type towns instantly.

The Mexican people can celebrate and preserve their culture and ethnic identity, same as all the other ethnic groups in America with its own graffiti and food shops. Before long the whole question of language would pass away as the forces of education would repeat their wondrous success in getting everyone to speak English. The culture of the former Mexico would remain but the vast unwashed masses of new Americans would be like any other, living the American dream.   

The Mexican President and other politicians can become jail buddies with the Cartel and Mexican mafia clowns they haven’t prosecuted after the FBI sweeps through like a hurricane. We would build better schools, hospitals, water delivery and purification systems, social services and advanced technologies. In the news I have seen stories about how entire towns in Mexico whose family structures are torn asunder due to so many people, mainly the men, leaving to make a few more dollars in America. With Mexico as our newest group of states, the opportunities would come to them, instead of them having to leave hearth and home.

We would only have the tiny border of Guatemala and Belize to police or possibly make future states. Mexico is a poor country compared to our nation, but as another state, our socials systems would kick into overdrive to help raise their standard of living just as it has in our inner cities. Every state in our nation already struggles with poverty, crime and other social problems but we still have a great system of private and public resources. Travel to and from Mexico would be normal for everyone and the laws governing the populace would be about the same as it is now, with individual states having a few laws different.
There is so much for everyone to gain, and so little for anyone to lose, from the merger of Mexico into the United States that I don’t understand why this hasn’t spontaneously happened long ago. It’s the only serious way to go, indeed the only lasting solution, one that can last forever. Not just something that would be nice, but the inevitable solution that should be taken on and aced by the best minds to insure our future. If it can be done it should be done. It would be evil not to.

Personally I dream of the day where all men can say, I too am an American.

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  1. Matt permalink
    April 15, 2010 9:17 pm

    Illegal immigration solved as follows. All vets will retain service issued rifles and side arms. All vets will receive a plot of land to homestead right along the borders edge. He is free to protect his property and his nation from all enemies foreign an domestic. Done.

    • April 15, 2010 9:46 pm

      I like it Matt, its simple its clean it solves a problem.

      … might want to figure out how to give them some fire support or something.

      Also it would be nice to just let normal everyday people, you know 100% of everyone legally in this country to be able to defend themselves without fear of persecution, errr I mean prosecution (so little difference these days).

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