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The Numbers

March 21, 2010

As I was doing my taxes this last week; trying to maximize the money I am permitted to keep and not get thrown into jail for tax fraud in the process; politicians were busy trying to keep more of it next year. The Unblinking One, Pelosi was praising how the Obamacare would reduce the deficit by 138 billion over 10 years. Wooo! Right? A reduction in the deficit good right? Wrong. Think of it this way: “We the people” pay the government like an employer pays it’s employees. But in the strange working relationship that this employee has, he gets to determine his own wage. Therefore a reduction in the deficit means that we get taxed in excess of what the government needs to run this new program. But it even gets better: this employee doesn’t want to work on this “Obamacare” project for 4 out of the next 10 years but he still wants to get paid for it. In the business world this employee would be fired, quickly. The Unblinking One “loves numbers that are so precise” I find that strange because the numbers say that she should not be employed by the people any longer.

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  1. April 5, 2010 4:18 pm


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