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Tyranny and Treason

March 22, 2010

Congress has chosen, against our will and over the strongest possible peaceful protests a people can make, to give us over to a newly minted tyranny. Not the traditional iron grip of despotism, a softer gentler tyranny guiding us in our decisions “for our own good”, removing from us our individual liberties, replacing them with the gilded cage of government entitlement. They have committed treason against the traditions of America and the electorate and they will not stop until they have uprooted the tree of liberty and replaced it with the iron stump of communism.

The future is looking very, very dark indeed, but You and i know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. There is a line past which the American people may not be pressed, I think were awful close to that line right now, shenanigans in November may push us into that line. Of course, I could be wrong, the people of this once great nation may have been cowed to the point they will without a fight slip quietly beneath the waves of tyranny and succumb to the crush of feel-good despotism sacrificing their liberty for the perception of safety and the false morality of social programs.
May I not live to see the day we have fallen that far.

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