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Kids Cartoons, Indoctrination, and Dora the illegal alien

April 7, 2010

I remember, quite fondly, the days of my youth when a cartoon was simply a cartoon. There were no ulterior motives; no grand overarching themes; no life-lesson other than to shy away from devices manufactured by the ACME Corporation. Bugs Bunny didn’t have a race; he was a rabbit. Daffy Duck didn’t have a sexual orientation; his biggest issues involved convincing Elmer Fudd that it was “wabbit season” so his beak didn’t get blown off.

There were “messages” in some of our old cartoons, like G.I. Joe’s “Knowing is Half The Battle” routines at the end of each show. These “messages”, however, were never political and usually involved tips on how kids could avoid bad things such as burning your house down, getting kidnapped by a crazy, or getting hit by a car whatever the case, Duke never came on at the end of G.I. Joe to tell us to be ‘tolerant’ of Cobra Commander’s latent homosexuality.

 My, how times have changed……

As many of you know, publicly funded PBS produces a cartoon designed for young kids (5-10 years old) called “Arthur”. In one episode, Arthur’s rabbit friend decides to take a trip to Vermont and hang out with two “friends”. These two “friends” just happen to be lesbians.

Now if you’re a lesbian, that’s your business. It’s not your fault that you were born hideously ugly and that your rejection-driven, hate-filled envy of men caused you to want to become one. Everyone’s got psychological issues and you have yours. Knock yourself out.

My problem does not lie with lesbianism. My problem lies with the scumbag ‘progressive’ at PBS who feel the need to indoctrinate defenseless kids with their agenda. Who are they to choose what kids should think of as right and wrong?

Just as lesbians have every right to live  in America, people who reject homosexuality as either a psychological problem or as just downright sinful have every right to their beliefs. More importantly, PEOPLE HAVE A GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO EDUCATE THEIR OWN KIDS ON MORALITY.

The terminal plague that is modern liberalism/socialism has now infected the last bastion of youth, dragging issues that should be well out of the scope of your average 6 year olds mindset along with it. No place is safe now for Western kids. The indoctrination tactics of the socialist, anti-Western machine now begins as soon as one can sit up and watch T.V.

Take, for example, the wildly popular cartoon “Dora the Explorer” which is aimed at the 3-6 year old range. Dora is a young Latin American girl who runs around with a bi-lingual monkey singing songs in both Spanish and English, thus ‘educating’ her young viewers on Latin-American culture.
Dora the Explorer sells itself as an educational tool. It cleverly markets itself to paranoid young parents who think that their kids will be “left behind” if they don’t learn Spanish (I wonder if Dora has an equivalent on Spanish TV that teaches young Spanish speakers English……).

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a single person who’s learned Spanish from singing songs. Furthermore, the obvious question is ignored- why should American kids have to learn Spanish in the first place??? Why should we worry about being “left behind” in our own country?
In the early 20th century when millions of Jews, Italians, Greeks, and Germans came to this country, there were no efforts to teach young English speakers how to speak Yiddish, Italian, German, or Greek. The immigrants had to assimilate, and they were better off for it in the end. Within a generation, these groups had become successful Americans and they still retained most of the better aspects of their original cultures. That was before the time of the liberal plague.

Dora the Explorer represents a mentality infected with the same ‘progressive’ contagion that has infected “Arthur”. The true message behind Dora the Explorer is not that “learning other languages is good”; rather the message is more like: We need to get used to Latin-American immigrants, and we need to go out of our way to accommodate them because they are not ‘white’ Europeans. We are racist and we need to do penance for our sins of the past, and that can best be accomplished by brainwashing our kids from the earliest age”.

Don’t buy it? Would your mind change if you knew that all three creators of Dora the Explorer are white ‘progressive’ non-Spanish speakers?

I have little problem with most Latin-American immigrants. They tend to be hard working, and many have  fought for there adopted country over in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fact remains, though, that the liberal mindset of accommodation as opposed to assimilation hurts both the immigrants and this nation.

I have taken the liberty of writing my own episode of Dora the Explorer to illustrate my point. Go ahead; relax, grab a Dr Pepper, make some popcorn, kick your feet up, and get ready for the show… 

ONCE upon a time, there lived a girl named Dora. Dora lived in a country well south of the U.S. border… Let’s call it “San Equador”. San Equador was a warm country blessed with lots of sunshine, a fair amount of beauty, and lots of natural resources. It was run, however, by a corrupt government and could not seem to pull itself into respectability even after 300 years of effort. In fact, San Equador was what some called “a major league hellhole.”

Although Dora was uneducated and poor, she was young, strong, and was willing to work very hard. One day, Dora decided that she had had enough of the squalor and crime of San Equador and decided to make a new life in El Norte…. the United States.

Because it was the policy of the United States government to make it very hard to immigrate to El Norte legally yet not to try to stop people from immigrating illegally, Dora decided to try to sneak across the border into Arizona. She paid a Coyote (a man whose job it is to sneak people across the border) all of her meager savings to get her across the border, but the Coyote instead dumped her off in the desert when he spotted a Homeland Security patrol.

Utterly unskilled and unable to speak a word of English, Dora was in deep trouble. She was a hard worker, but so were the countless millions of other illegal immigrants from San Equador that had snuck into the United States. Dora was forced to take a job as a maid at a local office building, which paid well below minimum wage. Although it was a thankless, tedious, low-paying job, Dora considered herself lucky to have it and so did the scumbag that could get away with paying her $3 an hour!

Because Dora could not possibly make ends meet on her terrible salary, she was forced to shack up with a Puerto Rican named Luis. Luis was an unskilled laborer, yet he was an American citizen and thus made nearly twice her wage. Luis enjoyed little in life except for “planting his seed” in Dora and spending what little money he had on his car. Luis never married Dora, but was content to remain her live-in “boyfriend”.

Dora soon became pregnant with Luis’ children, and being a good Catholic and a total idiot, she did not believe in birth control. Better yet, since her children were born in America, they were American citizens and thus eligible for public assistance.

Dora reproduced early and often.

Although Dora desperately wanted a better life for her children, she was working constantly and had very little time to supervise them. Because of the massive amount of San Equadorian immigrants that lived in their town, Dora’s kids rarely had to venture outside of their own cultural group to interact with others. Bilingual education and its white liberal enablers stunted the ability of Dora’s kids to become proficient English speakers, and consequently they suffered in school where young Chinese, Indian, and White kids excelled. In fact, because English is so crucial in every subject, Dora’s kids were poor students with little hope of improvement.

Having grown up in America, Dora’s kids were not like her. Whereas she beloved in hard work, they believed in shallow materialism. Instead of discipline and responsibility, Dora’s kids were taught from a young age to blame others for their misfortune. Dora’s kids learned in school that it was the racism and bigotry of white people that had made their lives so difficult. Rather than devote themselves to the hard work of getting ahead, most of Dora’s kids generally chose the quick way to wealth. None of Dora’s kids would be accepted to a major university because none had ever become very talented at expressing themselves in English (either spoken or typewritten).

Of the boys, Miguel was the most successful; he worked his way up from a stock boy at the local Kinko’s to a manager. He has a two-year associate degree from community college and two kids of his own. Luis Jr. joined the National Guard and fragged his lieutenant. He is currently awaiting a court martial. Hector loved to smoke lots of weed and eat cheetos. Hector is unemployed and sits on his stoop all day scamming the unemployment system and drinking 40oz Presidentes in a brown paper bag. Sometimes Hector gathers up enough energy to steal hubcaps- like he did to your car last week.Enrique, Hector’s twin brother, was always the more industrious of the two. Although he too loved smoking weed, Enrique was the only one to make it into “the business”. He started off as a petty dime-bag dealer, and gradually worked his way up to a mid-level coke dealer. Unfortunately, in 2012 Enrique was arrested and charged with 6 counts of felony possession with intent to sell. He is currently serving a 20 year sentence upstate.

Of the girls, Maria became a mother at 15 and now has three sons of her own. She vows to one day finish high school and get a college degree, though everyone knows this will never happen. Consuela is a secretary at a local office building. She has her high school degree, but she is terrible at her work and screws up all time. Some say it helps that she is sleeping with her boss.

And finally, there was poor Paco. Being the youngest of the children, Paco had a massive inferiority complex. This drove Paco to do things that even his most undisciplined and immature sibilings thought reckless and shortsighted. Paco wanted to prove that he was tough and that he could make money just like the rappers do, so one day he joined the Latin Kings. Later that year, MS-13, another Latino gang, decided to move in on the Latin Kings’ turf. A gang war ensued for the control of the streets, and poor Paco was caught in the middle. On November 13, 2010, Paco was gunned down while leaving the local bodega. He never saw it coming.

He is survived by his girlfriend (your daughter) and his two young sons.

Real enough for you?

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  1. Sheryl Muller permalink
    April 7, 2010 7:10 pm

    From experience as a teacher, both elementary and secondary, sounds real to me!

    I heard a professor tell a group at a Multicultural Workshop for college students that the United States used to be known as the “Melting Pot”. Everyone who came here wanted to become part of the whole American culture and take part in the American Dream. Now, she said, the attitude is that the United States has become a “Salad Bar” where each culture should remain distinct and separate, keep its own language, etc. She presented that as positive.

  2. Adam permalink
    April 14, 2010 9:01 pm

    Well, this whole post is a TLDR, so going from just the gist of it, I’ll say this.

    Parents are the ones indoctrinating children.
    How, you may ask?

    Well, let’s say you hear a knock at your door. Standing there is a homeless man who looks to not be the most trustworthy person in the world from your viewpoint. You open the door and ask his business. He tells you that he is there to clean your house and help you out with your day to day activities. Well, this sounds great because you’d love a little help, so you invite him in. As he comes in, he starts to tear at your furniture and stick anything he can find into his pockets. You are shocked and begin to shout, “why is this man destroying my home and stealing everything I’ve worked so hard for?!” Well, my friend, there’s a simple answer. Because you let him in, and that’s what he does.

    Don’t open the door and our kids will be fine. When parents step up and actually filter what their kids see, as opposed to letting their television babysit, they don’t get indoctrinated by a world that knows no better. Easy peasy.

  3. furyof1776 permalink
    April 15, 2010 10:07 pm

    Well Adam that part of it but you missed my main complaint: Were not letting kids just be kids.

  4. Gary Foster permalink
    January 9, 2012 6:37 am

    this outlook is very sad.
    we all live on one planet. we all have to survive together.
    what is the problem with learning some spanish? i promise you it does not hurt.

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