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Terrorism and Guerrillas

May 6, 2010

Words are the medium used to conduct ideas from one person to another, whether they are written down to convey these ideas across time and space or if they are spoken to instantly inform or enlighten those within earshot, words spread ideas.  Ideas move you; they form what you think about the world around you.

So when you hear the word terrorist, you get an idea in your head, its formed by what you see in the media, its tied to 9/11 and the emotions we all feel about what happened that day.  The idea you get is immediately and rightly so, a negative one of third world sheet covered nut jobs trying to earn their way into heaven, but the left, with all sectors of the media in collusion willingly or no, are trying to twist that term onto American citizens, in fact there is now a crime “to incite terror” we are shown images of the Hutaree (sp?) Militia who wanted to shoot up some cops and bomb the funeral, or at least that’s the story were getting off the media, I wonder how those guys are going to get a fair trial with all the media insanity going on with them… anyhow, we are being molded to view any anti-government violent action as terrorism. This word will be used against any force moving against an established government even if they never kill a single civilian because guerrillas use stealth and surprise to achieve victory against superior numbers and people are scared of sudden acts of violence, and villainize the ones who create those sudden bursts of violence even when they are justified.

Frankly I have a problem with the term “terrorism” which if you will forgive me a paraphrase definition, means to incite terror, this means for a terrorist, the fear and irrational behavior of the targeted population (that’s us by the way) is the objective of those engaging in terrorism and that is a load of baloney. The end game, the goal of the vast majority of the folks setting up bombs or plots to set up bombs in public areas is to destabilize the US to the point that Islam can take over. They are conducting a Jihad, a holy war to destroy us for a host of reasons, but they want us gone, in the immediate sense for the individual jihadist attacking us, he doesn’t give a flip if the US exists or not, what he wants is entrance into Heaven, and the God they worship requires works to grant entrance, the only guarantee to get in, is to die in Jihad.  Most of the rest of those trying to cause wanton death and destruction are just rather insane.

Now we are being mentally herded into this little corner where everything that isn’t two nationally backed armies slugging it out on a battlefield somewhere is terrorism. What we are actually facing is guerrilla jihad. I want to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with guerrilla warfare, the French resistance during World War 2 was a guerrilla war, undoubtedly were the same situation to be around today, they would be termed terrorists. Guerrilla warfare is the only way a outnumbered or out gunned force has to combat their enemies. What matters is how that warfare is conducted; who the targets of attacks are, and what the goals are.

In proper guerrilla warfare the tactics (that is how attacks are carried out) are going to be the same if the guerrillas are good (ala the French Resistance in WW2, or the early days of the American Revolutionary war) or evil (jihadists or the Viet Cong or any one of the communist groups in central America). Hit and fade, hidden bombs, assassinations and other sneaky attacks are the rule for guerrilla warfare what changes are the targets and with the targets and the intent.  For good guys the targets are military and military support structure, this can include some non military personnel but the objective is to destabilized the military establishment and provide an opportunity for a defeat of the oppressive occupiers/government/Nazis etc. They are characteristically on the side of the indigenous population.

For the bad kind of guerrillas they have a more general approach, they blow up what they can with possibly even some preference to non-military targets. All people who aren’t actually in this un-ethical guerrilla movement are considered viable targets for them; they seek to achieve their goals of a totalitarian regime by causing chaos not simply within the government but in the population as a whole. They are characteristically fighting against the will of the indigenous population.

There are probably many reasons why the guerrilla action against the US has been called terrorism, the most prevalent is probably intellectual laziness, but I think another part of it is the ease with which any military or paramilitary action that isn’t approved by the powers that be in either the media or the government can quite easily be termed “terrorism” and with that designation comes an instant alienation by a large percentage of the American populous , making the word “terrorism” into possibly one of the biggest weapons of public opinion running around lose in the world today.  Forces will be termed terrorists if they are the jihadist idiots in the Middle East fighting against our troops, or if they are pro liberty forces in China seeking to tear down the oppressive structure of communism and establish a free country. All of them will be termed terrorists, and that is simply incorrect and dangerous as it belies the intent and actions of an individual group and lumps them together where they wouldn’t belong.

Call a fish a fish, a horse a horse, a jihadist guerrilla a jihadist guerrilla, a communist guerrilla a communist guerrilla and a pro freedom guerrilla a pro freedom guerrilla. It is intellectually honest and conveys true meaning rather than trigger emotional outburst which isn’t really useful for anything.

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