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I know why she isn’t worried…

May 26, 2010

So apparently some super creepy journalist  moved in next door to Sara Palin up in Wasillia.

Allahpundit notes that Glenn Beck seemed more worried about the creepo doing something invasive or dangerous than Palin did. And I think I know why at the very least she has this:

On the other end of that link you will find a picture of the AR-15 in .50 Beowulf that Sarah Palin was given last year, that is a mag fed easy to use heavy thumper, it will end the problem should asshat journalist decide he needs to do some “up close” investigative journalism.

And thats just the gun we know she has haha.

But in all seriousness I wonder how insane the media would get should oh Rush Limbaugh move in next door to Al Gore and proclaim he is going to write a bibliography on him?
I would be nervous were I Todd Palin and a fence would be the least of my precautions, and I’m confident that all will be well with the Palins, though its still up in the air for the journalist.

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