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We need to have a little chat…

June 2, 2010

Folks I think we need to have a little chat. No not you and I, but you, me and the rest of the western world need to sit down and have a serious chat with some sectors of our population.

See there are some folks who think that ideas and actions do not and should not have natural consequences! These folks think they can threaten, harass and intimidate members of our armed forces to no end, and that these fine young men and women shouldn’t be able to defend themselves! They think they have the right not simply to protest (which no one would deny them the right to look like abject fools and idiots in front of the national stage), but to attack, molest and degrade those protecting them in more than verbal form, these foolish people even think they have a right, just because they are upset to get laws passed that interfere with the security and defense of our nation, the very nation that gives them the right to act like idiots without reprisal (It should be noted however that the founders probably didn’t think the 1st amendment would be unchecked) and many vie violently even that our men and women in arms not only not do them harm, but when faced by deadly force seek to have all military personnel lay down arms.

This bad idea, this cancer of pacifism, this rotting of common sense into the festering abscess of dhimmitude and endless surrender to the barbaric and uncivilized for the sake of the avoidance of bloodshed at OUR hands but never mind theirs they are oppressed so its “understandable” (like violence in defense of your way of life is ever not understandable not always good but understandable), is spreading, or more specifically has been noticed and adopted by those seeking to topple western civilization.  Now obviously some nations do not like to play around with their national security during a time of war like the USA is prone to do (to our detriment) but instead Israel handled the situation with the so called aid boats filled obviously with Jihadist Islamic guerillas bent on destroying Israel with, while still a very restrained, (I would have had the ships raked with cannon and automatic weapons fire until they turned back or sank) but firm and forceful hand.

But the idiots, these brainless activists in league with the anti Israel and anti US guerillas are going to keep coming! Energized by the insistence from the international media and the UN that this wrongheaded idea that it is any of these protesters business what Israel does to Hamas (their enemy) controlled Gaza and that they can interfere without getting all shot to hell the morons are sending in more ships to run the military blockade, and due only to Israel’s restraint what should be a suicide mission for them all will probably only cost a few of them their lives, mores the pity a big body count might teach them not to get in front of a bunch of guys with guns without your own and the will to use them.

The message we need to get to our more foolish brethren of the Western world is that doing stupid things hurts!

Protests, hippies and general peace activism is all well and good during times of peace, when war breaks out you fall in line and you support your nation, or you leave and accept you will forever be a pariah in your country for leaving her when she needed you most. Hell you can even voice opposition to the war when its going on, but to actively work against it and against the war machine (this includes the men and women who comprise our great fighting force by the way)  driving your nations armed forces is a treasonous act and should be dealt with it as such.

So hippies stay away from Israel, they are going to kill you, but I’ll have to admit, if you don’t I’ve got popcorn and a cold soda ready to watch the fireworks.

I’m glad we’ve had this little chat mmk?

OH and Israel FYI:

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