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Illegals Can’t Fight History

June 25, 2010

All of this has happened before,

A major American agricultural industry ows dependent of cheep labor then the tide of public opinion turns. Demonstrations are held, states pass laws, political parties way in, and finaly an anti-free labor President is elected. The major agricultural industry fights back to preserve its acess to cheap farm labor but the tide has turned and the industry is forced to follow the same ecconomic rules as everyone else. Then something odd happens the industry survives and keeps on expanding all without its free labor.

I’m not talking about illegal immigration in the present i’m talking about the cotton industry in the antibellum south.  

Slavery played a central role in the history of the United States. It existed in all the English mainland colonies and came to dominate agricultural production in the states from Maryland south.  Slavery emerged as a system of forced labor designed for the production of crops, most notably cotton.

But then during the last third of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th the world saw the first widespread questioning of slavery by white Americans.  This led Delaware to abolish slavery at the state level, an act for which the state was vilified by pro-slavery forces. Other states followed and then the United States Congress abolished the slave trade. Eventually Lincolin comes along and the cotton industry was out of low cost labor. Despite the shouts that the whole cotton industry would collapse, it actually thrived after slavery.

Eventually (after illegal aliens were kicked out back in 1959)  cotton gins were developed that could harvest cotton, pick out the rubbish and bale the stuff all in one nice easily drivable machine. Without a crackdown on illegals this machine would have rotted.

Illegals now claim that without there labors we’ve soon suffer a shortage of farm workers. In reality the history books show this to be a lie.  

The fact that the cotton industry went on even after slavery was abolished is my proof that fears of labor shortages caused by illegal’s going home are bunk. In fact the result of the above two examples showed that prices fell after cheap labor went away.

We’d all benifit from illegals going home, histroy cannot be fought.

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