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If its not working, your not using enough!

July 14, 2010

He is asking the wrong question:

Leaving aside that this is a hit piece on the US and the US military, and that if the author is a US citizen I would probably consider publishing something like this during a time of war an act of treason and treachery.

This is why he is stupid:

1) If violence isn’t working your not using enough
2) If you’re trying to make people like you by using violence against them you’re a bigger idiot than the author of that article
3) The main purpose of violence is to accomplish a given objective from vengeance to liberation; organized violence is very effective at meeting goals.
4) No that goal cannot be “end violence” that is a stupid goal
5) Violence doesn’t beget more violence if you eliminate all your enemies
6) When it comes to violence a proper understanding of “do unto others before they can do unto you” is helpful
7) A properly placed bullet in time and space can prevent a war, it can also start one
8) Collateral damage is part of warfare, people need to get over it
9) If we beat our guns into tractors we are going to get bloody well killed by everyone else in the world
10) Peace negotiations never solved anything; snipers on the other hand have solved many, many problems around the world for well over 200 years.

The most important thing to keep in mind here, is that violence and its applications really are useful in meeting certain goals, people who refute that usually either have ulterior motives, are completely naive, or lack the critical thinking skills to understand even the most remedial ideas about life and the world on their own, and often times all of the above.

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