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Random Thoughts on Liberty

July 30, 2010

Anarchy is not liberty it is simply the lack of governance. Freedom and liberty in the American sense of the word, in its pure form is really simply an acknowledgment of natural rights, and laws to protect those rights. The perversion of that system of government that you see today is not really American style freedom; it’s an influx of European socialism into American style government and a deterioration of critical thinking skills fostered by those interested in the decline of the US. So basically liberty, the American way, (which really is what this thread is talking about since I don’t think any other western nation allows the carrying of firearms, save the Swiss) is laws that outlaw simply the infringement upon other’s freedoms, such as laws against murder, theft, rape, and the like.

People don’t rob people just because they are hungry or don’t have, anyone should be able to see that there are more just plain lazy and evil folks who would rather steal from good upstanding folks like yourself than work than there are those who steal because they have no other choice. People are generally evil, they will rob, cheat, steal and kill even if everyone was given equal possessions for their entire life!

Lack of danger is actually the opposite of freedom, liberty is by its very nature very dangerous, allowing people to self determine means that some folk will try and kill other folk, that is why we carry guns, it means yes that some folk will try and create power for themselves over other folks and that is why we own and carry guns. It expects that people will recognize that our mutual self interest dictates working in co-operation for mutual gain, but just in case they don’t see things that way, well that’s why we own, carry and are damn good with our guns. And just on the off chance that someone somewhere gets themselves into government power via force or electorate that wants to destroy that freedom that we hold, and subjugate us all, well that’s why everyone should have some guns.

Liberty is only maintained by blood, that of patriots and tyrants, both small and great.

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