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I can solve your quandry!

August 18, 2010

Over here we have a study that asks a question:

Why don’t Americans like Muslims?

I have an answer;

Because many Americans understand what true Islam looks like:




That’s why.

My point isn’t to say that all of those who practice Islam are going to blow themselves up.

I am a Fundamentalist Protestant Christian, I believe in literal interpretation of the Bible and a direct application of the New Testament to my life.
There are many just as devout Christians out there who do not believe the the Bible is true, think it should be interpreted via deconstructionism and post-modernism, they are what we call liberal Christians, and many of us would not consider that to be a true representation of what a Christian believes or what the Bible says.
And I’m sure there are many like examples in whatever brand of religion you happen to practice.

When I examine Islam I find that those who want peace, those who claim to want to live in harmony etc. etc. are those who most resemble Liberals and liberal Christians, they have what they want to believe and they go and find someone who will tell them that’s true, whether the Koran or 1500 years of Islamic history bares it out or not.

Now those guys who are screaming Jihad etc. they seem to line up more accurately with both historical Islam and what the Koran actually teaches, along with most Imam’s and the greater international Islamic community, including our “allies” in Saudi Arabia. Which is why I have always, and will always refer to the dudes who want us all dead or converted as the True Islam.

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