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Are you sure you wanna put that there?

August 27, 2010

OK gentlemen and ladies we have some disturbing news:

The EPA is considering banning the sale and use of lead ammunition, this would make all ammo currently out there illegal, and cause the price of new rounds… prohibitive.
What this amounts to is a back door ammunition ban and defacto gun control. The gun community is well up in arms and I believe that they / we are bloody close to actually being up in arms.

Here is one of the nicer things I’ve heard and read:

There is anecdotal evidence that the banning of traditional ammunition would have an adverse impact on government bureaucrat populations.

I am not really sure that the gun community is going to put up with this non-sense, there is a lot of anger and division already in place in our nation, the last thing we need right now is for the bloody EPA to go and start a civil war. I really don’t think they understand what they are about to unleash upon themselves and the nation should the put this little gem through.

Of course its pretty unlikely that the EPA will actually enact the measure anyway as it would be almost sure political suicide for all the incumbent democrats in anything close to a reddish district.
I would still keep my powder dry and my head down till this sucker blows through, you never know what the idiots who run the bureaucracy in this country are going to do.

Link to the story about the ammo ban:

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