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This will make your blood pressure go up:

September 22, 2010

First off we need to pray for the Scott family, and I hope the 100% truth comes out here. If those cops acted the way the family and witnesses say they did, every one of them that put a bullet in this guy needs to have his turn in the electric chair.
The store employees need to be charged with making a false police report and possibly with a manslaughter charge.

And finally the family of this guy need to slap a lawsuit on LVPD so big that no one in their extended family ever has to worry about working again.

This is what gun control looks like, folks one way or another the major reason this happened is because the cops and the sheep are uncomfortable with an armed citizenry and an armed enforcement group that views themselves as superior to the rest of us.

For now however this comes out the armed public needs to take some lessons away from this encounter.

1) If someone asks you to leave a business or residence for any reason but especially if that reason is they don’t like your gun; leave, cause your probably about to have a visit from the cops, and you never know what some idiot who is afraid of guns is going to say to the cops on the phone.

2) Cops will probably assume the guy with the gun is a bad guy, just biased on a call complaining about a guy with a gun. Is this wrong? yes very but its what they do.

3) If a cop pulls his gun on you while your carrying, don’t make any motion beyond putting your hands up. If they tell you to lie down on the ground do that, but even if they tell you to put the gun down, don’t reach for it, some idiot cop without good hearing might not hear his buddy tell you to take it out and put it down.

Carrying a gun is an act of a free man, but there are a lot of slaves and servants to whom freedom and liberty are terrifying, it is to our benefit to mentally prepare ourselves for encounters with idiots and assholes cause if we don’t we can end up in a world of hurt even without doing anything wrong.

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