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Bring it on. Liberal Eco-Freaks Threaten Normal People.

October 1, 2010

Yeah. I couldn’t watch that all the way through, the Red Curtain of Blood was overwhelming. “No Pressure” my ass.

That video, ladies and gentlemen, is an affront to everything we as members of western civilization hold dear, our way of life, even our very lives.

I consider that video a threat against me personally and against my way of life.

So I have this to say.

I am a peaceful man I try and avoid physical confrontations and so for in my life I have been quite successful in doing so.

But, bring it on hippie, communist, eco freak terrorists I will be quite happy to pile you up like cord wood where ever you feel like trying to kill me and mine.
For the record all through 10:10 I’ll be driving my ridiculously gas guzzling 4×4 Chevy all over the bloody place, and if a hippie eco freak tries to hurt, me or mine or damage my stuff, well that’s what the brace of Glock 9mm’s is for isn’t it? I don’t run, cower or bend knee to any man, so bring-it-the-fuck-on.

Bang bang hippies.

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