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Bill is right.

October 14, 2010

I saw this over on news:

And see before he apologized, he was right, Muslims attacked us. Muslims following the historic interpretation and teachings of the Islamic faith on behalf of the entire Islamic religion attacked us on 9.11.01 and they continue to attack us now solely because it is mandated by their faith.

More on that tomorrow.

I want to focus right now on looking at the behavior of the leftist imbeciles on this show, and really its only one example, its amazing how often this happens if you engage with leftists on a regular basis; They Walked Out.
Specifically, they feigned insult and indignantly walked out. Lefties cannot argue with us, because there is no defendingĀ  their position.

The position of the Anti-American left (that would be the entire left) has this big problem, their ideas don’t work. They have been tried else where in the world over the last 100 years and the result was two world wars and well over 200 million dead via statist empires operating on one leftist ideal or another. And all that Pro-American free market capitalism did was create the greatest nation the world has ever known both in military power and individual freedom. Even today when we have suffered significant infringements of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms we enjoy a level of personal liberty un-imaginable at any other point in history (how much longer that will last is a bloody good question).

And there is no arguing that point.

We must combat the left, un-apologetically and we must not shrink from defending our point of view from the ideas of the modern liberal movement. We have only America, there is no other place to run to when she falls into totalitarian darkness.

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