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Not my brother.

December 16, 2010

You must listen to this; it’s from a liberal caller to the Michael Berry show.
This guy lives in a different reality than I do, people who vote for the same reasons as this guy are fundamentally different in their ideology and basic human desires. We share nothing with them they are from a different nation, we cannot co-exist.


I honestly don’t think that people with level of discontinuity between what I and most of America wants and believes in and what this guy and most of the Democrats believe in can live together in the same nation. Our interests are opposite and contradictory. For them to live the way they want to be able to live will require the destruction of the way that we want to live, for us to live the way we want to live it requires the prohibition of the way they want to live. There is no middle ground here, it’s about fundamental ideas and issues.

The left’s voter base wants to live off  of the government because responsibility for their own actions and life is not something they want to deal with, or they want “the unfortunate” to be able to live off the government, you know because its compassionate or whatever.

The right wants to live off our work without any interference with the government. When we need help we believe that we should rely on friends and family, because we care about each other and want to help, not because we are forced to help.

With roughly 50% of the people believing the way, or at least indicating they believe this way by their vote each year, I don’t believe that we can continue to exist as a single political body. I would very much like to see us continue to exist as a single nation with separate political zones, say the north east, California, Illinois and a few other places can descend into a socialistic quagmire and the rest of us can live in freedom and capitalism. We remain as a single nation with a single military but we don’t subjugate anyone into a way of life that is abhorrent to them.

The left and their base is so far off from what the rest of the nation wants, that for them to succeed in their dream for America’s future requires the destruction of the things we hold most dear all platitudes aside this means that they are not our brothers, are not our countrymen, they have drawn away from us and from freedom. We cannot work with them to find common ground, to find a way to work towards common goals, because there are no common ground, we must oppose them steadfastly on every front there exists now only submission or victory nothing else.


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