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Chuck Schumer is an idiot

January 4, 2011

Chuck Schumer is an idiot… yes I know you already knew that but here is the latest example.

Wonder boy here is playing to the lie that Republicans don’t want anyone to have health care. Which is of course patently false; Republicans want health care for every single person in this country that can pay for it themselves.
See were still under that old notion that if you can’t pay for something… you don’t get it. If you want that new computer you don’t go take your neighbor’s money to pay for it (that’s what thieves, burglars, the government and pickpockets you know, criminals do) you work and save and buy it yourself. And if little Timmy needs an operation well either you planned ahead and have good health insurance, you didn’t plan ahead and have assets such as your house or car you can take loans out against, or little Timmy doesn’t bloody well get his operation. That’s what we call the free market and capitalism. Of course there are those who would help or even a doctor who would do it gratis, my grandfather used to treat 2/3 of his patients for free or “what they could pay” which was usually something like a dozen eggs or a chicken. But that was before a malpractice case could totally destroy your economic life forever if Timmy has the sniffles for two weeks instead of the one you told his mother.
But I wander off the subject.
Chucky boy doesn’t get that we support folks like our representatives having health insurance, because they can pay for it. What we don’t support is the government making health care a right of living in this country. And no I don’t care if you can make the health care industry more efficient with government oversight, which you can’t, its government oversight which makes the industry inefficient to begin with. Nor do I care if you can make healthcare actually cost less with government involvement and oversight, it is government involvement and oversight that makes healthcare cost what it does today rather than what it did in my grandfather’s time.
And yes while I’m here, I fully and totally support and advocate for the immediate elimination of Medicare and Medicaid the government should not be paying for ANYONE’s healthcare who isn’t their direct employee (i.e. a postman or a soldier). When the government provides you with a service free of charge or at a greatly reduced rate, it immediately makes you its slave and the slave of those in power, all the Democrats have to do to shift the elderly vote a few points in their favor is make noise about republicans threatening the Medicare or social security and bam just like the serfs the people on these dole’s are, quickly follow their master’s call and get in line. All government assistance is evil and wrong and must be eliminated before we can return to being a nation of freedom and liberty.

Freedom requires you to take care of yourself, or accept that you will not be taken care of by others.

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  1. Jim permalink
    January 31, 2011 12:53 pm

    I just watched a video of Chuckie mentioning the three branches of government: ” the Senate, the House and the President”.

    I mean come on! Every third grader can do better than that. I hope this really costs him the next time he tries to buy a judge.

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