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Lunch Hour Ruminations

March 3, 2011

WSJ poll: Huge majorities reject significant cuts to entitlements — but some reforms are okay

So basically the “majority” doesn’t really give a crap about our nation anymore and is voting “bread and circus” rather than for freedom and liberty.

You see an “entitlement” is really just government speak for “welfare” in one form or another any guaranteed government payout is welfare. If that’s Medicare, Medicaid, actual welfare, food stamps, social security, government pensions or anything else I’ve missed. All of these require you to believe its OK to live off the hard work of another person for no other reason than you happen to be sucking air. Yes you’ve paid into social security or your government pension plan for the last 20 or 40 years, but that money is gone, the government either federal or state has already spent it, in point of fact they had it spent before you earned it.

If we want to maintain our republic we must eliminate all forms of government assistance to all people.
And yes I understand that it’s pretty impractical to drop all the people relying on social security to survive. But we need to eliminate the program for anyone more than 10 years away from retirement, same goes for the medical benefits, more than ten years out? You’re on your own!

A free people do not force each other to carry along those who cannot supply themselves. “Those who do not work do not eat” was a principal of this nation and its people from the pilgrims until some point in the last 80 years. We now have this weird idea that just because you’re breathing means you have the right to a set standard of living relative to the rest of society. That of course is a bunch of hog wash. Free people cannot remain free if a large segment of the voting population is beholden to the government.

If you are on the dole, it is generally in your best interest to make sure that the dole keeps on coming.

Today in the United States, more than 40% of our people don’t pay any taxes at all. This includes all those people on their entitlement dole, and then some folks who are under the poverty line.

Going forward we really only have two choices, we can continue to grow this underclass of people whose only interest is to see that the government check keeps coming. Or we can eliminate the dole, deal with a few years of discomfort and move on as a better nation.

I know what I chose, but I think there aren’t that many who care about our liberty any longer.

Enjoy your bread and circus.

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