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Call your congress critter!

March 15, 2011

Wednesday is the day when potentially we could see some movement on the bill to eliminate some of the abhorrent and unconstitutional restrictions on where you can carry a weapon.

The legislation in question is house bill 750.
From Concealed carry on campus:

If you are unable to make it to the house committee meeting Wednesday, Please at least call the committee members by end of day Tuesday and let them know you support concealed carry on campus!

Sid Miller, Chair – (512) 463-0628
Allen Fletcher, Vice Chair – (512) 463-0661
Marva Beck – (512) 463-0508
Lon Burnam – (512) 463-0740
Joe Driver – (512) 463-0574 (lead author)
Dan Flynn – (512) 463-0880
Barbara Mallory Caraway – (512) 463-0664
Aaron Peña – (512) 463-0426
Armando Walle – (512) 463-0924

Please also send us your written testimony saying why you support concealed carry on campus–get your parents to write one as well! Please include your name, address, and other contact info. It can be a few sentences or a couple paragraphs. Please send them to by 8PM Tuesday–this will be a huge help to us!

I urge all of you to try to make it to the committee meeting. The event is here:!/event.php?eid=131672306905531&index=1

So far, our opponents have almost twice as many attendees for this event than we do. Don’t let Students for Criminal Friendly Schools keep us defenseless; come to the capital Wednesday and show them that your right to self defense is worth fighting for!

We need this legislation folks, its one more step till we have no more gun laws at all!

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