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My Idea of budget reform.

April 5, 2011

With all the talk of cutting tens of billions of dollars from the budget in the news lately I thought it would be good for us all if we got some perspective of what were talking about.

So last year, that would be 2010 for those of you not paying attention, the federal budget was 3.522 trillion dollars. That’s three thousand five hundred twenty two billion dollars. Or three million five hundred twenty two thousand, million dollars… basically its a number that looks like this: $3,552,000,000,000.

A quick break down of that spending looks like this: … yeah that’s it.

Right so those big chunks taking up ohh say 80% of that budget are:

  • Social Security 19.63% of the total budget coming in at $697,257,600,000
  • the Department of Defense 18.74% of the total budget at  $665,644,800,000
  • Unemployment & Welfare (redundant redundancy alert) 16.13% of total at $572,937,600,000
  • Medicare with 12.79% of the budget for $ 454,300,800,000
  • Medicaid for 8.19% and $290,908,800,000
  • and the interest we have to pay on the money we spent already that we didn’t have err I mean the interest on the national debt is 4.63% of the budget totaling  164,457,600,000

Also, none of that is being cut.

What is being cut, the hands that are being wrung are being wrung over that 19.5% of the budget that makes up all those hashes. An amount of money that is totaled makes up just less than the amount being spent on social security roughly $692,640,000,000, for reference, that is about 1/2 of what we borrowed last year.

Se yeah, thats all to say the TEA party folks we fought and gave and worked to get elected, they don’t give a shit about us, well at least most of them don’t, Paul Ryan has the start of a good idea, but he really doesn’t totally get it either.

We need to drastically cut the budget.

And here is my proposal:

We cut totally and completely, effective immediately:

  • Social Security 19.63% of the total budget coming in at $697,257,600,000
  • Unemployment & Welfare (redundant redundancy alert) 16.13% of total at $572,937,600,000
  • Medicare with 12.79% of the budget for $ 454,300,800,000
  • Medicaid for 8.19% and $290,908,800,000

For a total of $2,015,404,800,000

I’d cut the interest for the national debt but we really can’t do that until we pay off our bloody national debt.
Also I would require the DOD to cut its budget, but that would be stupid we must defend our nation.

these cuts would bring our total budget down to a still retardedly high rough number of $1,536,595,200,000

These are not by any means the extent of the cuts I’d like to see made. We have a bevy of unneeded, unconstitutional and just plain useless government agencies that need to go. You know, things like the Department of Education, the BATFE, the NSA, DHS, TSA, EPA, and probably the FBI (to be integrated into the US Marshals service and most enforcement duties relegated down to the local cops).

I believe with a strict adherence to the constitution and a national dedication to fiscal responsibility, we can get our federal government down to a budget of under 1 trillion dollars within 4 years.

You must remember though, even with this budget philosophy, which would be considered “radical” by probably 95% of our elected leadership, it will take us nearly 15 years to pay off our national debt, if our tax revenues remain as they were last year.


Just food for thought.


Oh, and if you think I’m just going after stuff I don’t like and that doesn’t affect my life, some of the stuff the federal government is down right now, it bloody well removes some financial stresses from my life, but I think that the national well being vastly out weighs my personal comfort or happiness. A free country isn’t necessarily a comfortable one, its simply free, you get a shot, its not a fair shot, or an equal shot, you just get to try your best with the hand your dealt, if you succeed we all become greater, if you fail well someone else will succeed.

Freedom comes at a price that isn’t simply paid on the battlefield, it is living without a safety net from the government and having to rely on yourself, your family and your friends to get by if hard times come, I believe that’s a message and idea that isn’t really alive in our country any more, but it should be.

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  1. daduckman permalink
    April 5, 2011 9:37 pm

    I agree on those budget cuts! the “entitlements” are killing us!!!!!

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