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Concealed Carry on Campus

May 3, 2011

Campus Carry Advocates:

There is a lot happening, and we’ll try to post an update in the near future. For now, we need you to reach out to the following members of the House Calendars Committee and encourage them to schedule BOTH HB 750 and HB 2178 for a floor vote AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:

Rep. Todd Hunter – (512) 463-0672
Rep. Dennis Bonnen – (512) 463-0564
Rep. Dan Branch – (512) 463-0367
Rep. Byron Cook – (512) 463-0730
Rep. Charlie Geren – (512) 463-0610
Rep. Jim Keffer – (512) 463-0656
Rep. Tracy O. King – (512) 463-0194
Rep. Lois W. Kolkhorst – (512) 463-0600
Rep. Eddie Lucio III – (512) 463-0606
Rep. Allan Ritter – (512) 463-0706
Rep. Burt R. Solomons – (512) 463-0478
Rep. Vicki Truitt – (512) 463-0690
Rep. John Zerwas – (512) 463-0657

It’s more effective if you call each office individually, but if you prefer to send a mass email to all thirteen Representatives, here is the email list:

Thanks for all your help, and please keep fighting the good fight!


Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

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