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I get annoyed at the government

May 17, 2011

Well there was this idiotic court decision made a few days ago:

So I got into a bit of an argument with some folks who are somewhat right leaning on a forum I frequent, and I thought that one of my posts was a pretty good response to the issue in general. So here is slightly edited to make more sense somewhat out of context.

I guess I have a fundamentally different idea of what it means to be a free person.

In my view a free person is resourceful and solves their own problems, barely acknowledges the existence of that bothersome government thing other than to vote in the most ornery and disagreeable son of a gun that is going to hopefully keep them from getting anything done every few years. And if some problem arises they solve it themselves, they don’t go crying to the government or the courts to make it better.

I’ve said it before and I’ll surely say it again, apart from the outward presence of the military and the inner presence of the road infrastructure I have no use for the government. And I’m willing to negotiate on a government managed roadway system.

There is this basic understanding that whatever the government or its agents do its legitimate and legal until proven otherwise, whether that action is towards a citizen or not. Again I see it differently, I assume whatever the government is doing is tyrannical and they have to prove to me it’s not. If a government agent police officer or bureaucrat wants inside a house they better have a warrant and be polite or they aren’t getting in.  And I believe that if they force the issue without reason to believe life or limb hangs in the balance, that it should be UNDERSTOOD by everyone that resistance is the reasonable and expected response. Free people don’t cower in the face of their government.

It’s just the way I see life as a free man.
I also realize that the system as it currently stands doesn’t see it like that, that doesn’t mean they are right.

I just have a very high view of the individual and a very low view of government. (mostly because  government is mainly good at enslaving and killing their citizens and little else). And no I’m not an anarchist, I just believe that anything more than the briefest of governments is tyranny.

And yeah I do believe that license plates, drivers licenses and speed limits are tyrannical along with the ATF, FBI, (insert letter agency here) and about 99.99% of the laws and case law on the books.

Freedom should never be sacrificed for safety, security or peace.

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