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There is an Immedate Need for Gun Control!

May 31, 2011
We must act immediately to curb this insane violence, please join me in calling for immediate gun control being enacted upon the governments of the world. Its well known that the primary use of small arms by governments leads to death and violence, we must act to curb this senseless senselessness. There really isn’t any legitimate sporting purpose for a government to have a machine gun or grenade is there? And obviously they can’t be trusted not to sell their guns to other unscrupulous governments. No truly law abiding government needs guns for any legitimate purpose. No enlightened government needs guns, they are only for the barbarous uncivilized governments of olden times like 1776 and 1944, such uses don’t exist as tyrants no longer exist and the world is in no need of such hideous implements of violence. [/snark]

Seriously though, give us our constitutional rights to our weapons back* you slimy bastards, you obviously can’t be trusted and we need to be able to take care of ourselves!

*Constitutional rights to weapons include but are not limited to small arms, light and heavy artillery, light and heavy armored vehicles, anti-tank rockets, land mines, machine guns, short barreled shot guns and anything else we might need to put off someone or something that wants to take away our life or liberty. May or may not include Chemical, Biological or Nuclear weapons depending on your ideological bent.

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