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Sometimes I hate being right

July 14, 2011

For the past several weeks, I’ve been going on to my friends and family how I thought that whole Gunwalker thing was just a ploy for the ATF to demand more infringements on our god given 2nd Amendment rights.

Aaaand I was right:

I demand the resignation and prosecution of every agent, administrator and government official who knew about this project and did nothing or helped it in any way and the complete dissmanteling of the Beauro of Alcohol, Tobaco, Firearms and Explosives, and a full review by congress of every single act, law or amendment dealing with gun control with a view to remove them all as fundamentally unconstitutional and treasonous.  Furthermore, I demand an independent audit of all communication between all members of Congress, and the BATFE and between the all associates and members of the Whitehouse and the BATFE with immediate leveling of charges and prosecution of any of them who knew or approved of “Operation Fast and Furious”.

The 2nd Amendment is our first freedom, the most important part of the bill of rights, without it we have no way to guarantee our freedom. Every attack on weapon rights should be understood to be an attempt by the government to terrorize, imprison, enslave and eliminate the people of the USA and should be identified as such and the offending members of the government run out of town on a rail if not brought up on charges of treason and terrorism.

But all that aside, we must make our stand here. We have no more to give up, the plausibility of the people of the US being able to actually defend their freedom given the current arms readily available to them is dubious at best. Should we give up more ground, we will have no hope at all.

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