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I’m not playing nice any more

July 25, 2011

Ran across a liberal on Facebook the other day.  And in between idiotic liberal squealings I got tired of pussy footing around with him and decided to hand him his ass. I provide below our interaction for your amusement in it’s original formatting:

Liberal Idiot:

Its amazing how often the Republican view point forgets the past sins of their party & then blames the Democrats for those transgressions. I’m neither, but I do remember GWB pissing off the entire UN by declaring war on Iraq. France declareing we were arogant due to his actions and having been in Europe last summer was shocked to hear that a Moldavian cab driver aprooved of him considdering how many Europeans hated him. If this is strengthening an image, then maybe its time that somebody weekend it. And if what Obamma is doing is weekening, then it seems to be going great with the world press. Especially in 3rd world countries that are being run by dictators. Obama is trying to bring America up to speed with the rest of the world by giving us an affordable health care system that the rest of the post industrial world has had for many years already. If you consider a a man who refused actual military service, a bible thumping idiot, and one who can’t even say nuclear an excellent president, then perhaps you should move to Fantasyland where things like that are great. As for the last 2 years, they were a culmination of the 6 before them. Goverment spending on arms skyrocketted along with the national debt, he declare a 2 front war which anybody with a small amount of interest in of history knows is B A D BAD!!! He raised taxes on the masses while giving tax breaks on the poor, cut spending on education and health care, all while claiming to speek to god evey night. Obama, on the other hand, it seems that his biggest obsticle is ignorant politicians and people who can’t even propperly define socialism are too busy labeling him as such and spreading messages of fear and hate against him, that he can’t get jack shit done for all these jackasses running around spreading paninc instead of actually giving his policies a chance.

Yours Truly:

Anything that pisses off the UN is typically the right thing to do.

Who gives two craps what the 3rd freaking world thinks, or the world press. Obama has done his level best to piss off the brits and the Israelis our two most important allies.

The two front war wasn’t really an issue, we had the goat molesting arse holes in ashcanistan on the flat run and we walked up and down the butt of their like minded a-holes in Iraq.

We actually had no problems with the war, lost statistically insignificant numbers of troops in the combination of the wars. And if we had balls we could take care of the mud hut dwellers in A-stan no problem.

The government has no business spending a single penny on education or health care for anyone. Who gives 1 crap what the rest of the world does, freedom isn’t equality its the willingness to take chances to get ahead. That means a lot of folks aren’t going to make it, thats life in the big city and makes our society better than any other in the world.

And your comments about his military service and accent are beyond the pale and stupid.

Liberal Idiot:

As for pissing off the UN, it is an organization set up partially by the US, supported by the US for its entire existence, and supposed to be founded on the ideals of US thought. Therefore, if we piss on the UN, we piss on our own ideals and look like total hypocrites to the rest of the world. The 3rd world is still part of the 1st world. It is these arrogant terms (1st and 3rd) that have done more than any 1 president in our history to give the US a bad name. When considering the Brits and the Israelis, keep in mind that these are only 2 of the over 330 nations in the world, all desiring to be seen equal in the eyes of the global community. Without that equality, we as humans will never truly progress. It’s what has held us back for countless centuries. It is what also keeps the rest of the world looking at the US as a bunch of ignorant and arrogant self righteous capitalist pigs who think their money can buy everything. It also explains the look of amazement when in the eyes of foreign people when I speak to them in an attempt to learn something about THEM instead of preaching OUR views. Your assessment of the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan could not possibly do anything but prove me correct. Your assessment of the war continues to do so as well. You fail to understand the terrain, the politics, the religious fervor, and the tactics involved. As far as your comments go, I challenge you to find 1 single family who has lost a loved one due to that war and see if you have the “balls” to look them straight in the face and tell them that the numbers lost were insignificant in any way. This is the height of American ignorance and arrogance. These are the words of someone who has never served a day in his life in an infantry unit and only has the “balls” to say them from complete anonymity. As to the government’s expenditures, their revenue comes from the taxes of ordinary citizens. These taxes are spent without our consent and without anything to show for it. A perfect example is the ever rising national debt. If the money were funneled into something more productive such as education, then we would be growing as a nation. That includes profit margins as well as intellectualism. Given your previous comments, this may be hard for you to keep up with, but please try to do so. I am using 10th grade words here after all. Freedom can never be had without a standard of equality. To say otherwise is to submit oneself to a Fuadalist system of being owned. Your views on the other hand are more akin to that. Our society is not “better” than any other!!! As anyone who has been outside their own back yard knows. What we have better than others, they make up for in what they do better than us. In regards to my comments about his military service, you say they are beyond pale and stupid, yet you offer nothing to dispute them. These are common knowledge. His record is up for review as is any other presidents. Maybe you offer no dispute, because there is none to be had. Therefore it is your comments that are nothing but childish name calling in an adult and intellectual forum and beckon a “stupid” assessment.

And my final response letting the hammer down:

OK you wanna go down this road with me that’s fine, but you’re gonna be limping back sparky.

First of all before you caution me that you’re using 10th grade words (which you aren’t), how about some paragraph breaks there pal, I’m not claiming to be a paragon of spelling and punctuation or anything remotely resembling such a thing but your posts are flat hard to read.

After a little formatting I’m now going to deal with your little world view from the top down of your last post.  

Clearly, you don’t really give a crap about the USA. I understand, you’re a leftist and you don’t like the idea of individual liberty and freedom. I get it. Your wrong but I get it. You see you probably spent some significant amount of time cooped up in one of those little re-education camps we like to call “Universities” where someone with lots of letters after their name implanted these ideas into your at the time mushy little brain, in hopes they would grow and ferment into a zombie plant of liberalism and turn you into a good little leftist drone, which apparently they have.

The thing is though that your ideas wherever they came from don’t actually do anything beyond touch and go runs at reality airport. They are bereft of historical success and modern reality speaks of their failure. Cultural Relativism which is the international dogma which you spew forth is the reason Europe will soon fall into the clutches of the Islamic hordes and it’s why we will not allow Christian missionaries into Iraq and Afghanistan. Missionaries whose Christian ideas could actually change the culture for the better, but no, we would rather see the Islamic culture continue to reign so we aren’t accused of conquest. EEsh!   The arrogance that the international community knows what’s best for the USA! That we need to keep up with them? HAAH! They have been trying to catch up to us since 1776!

The core problem that you’ve got buddy is that you’ve got a serious case of selfhateitus, you need to relax and enjoy the amazing condition of Americanism you actually live in.

Now let’s move on to your arguments shall we?

Issue 1: the UN)
Yes, the UN was indeed started, and is funded mostly by the US. But it was not started to further the way of life we have in the US, it was started by leftists and socialists as a way to weaken the US on the world stage. It does not support my ideals or my goals or those of the US constitution, which is the final and ultimate authority of what the ideals of the USA, so screw the UN and its hippie greenie weenie diplomats and dictators.

Issue 2: the 3rd World)
The third world is a bunch of backward mud holes whose people are generally governed by petty dictators or warlords and are too interested in killing their neighbor for living in the wrong village 20 years ago to bother advancing their own society to a level where they have things like flushing freaking toilets and clean running water. The best thing that could happen to them is another round of colonization from Europe or the US for a few hundred years or so.

Issue 3: Allies/international community)
Who exactly is the global community anyway? How does one get in? Who started this community and who decided they were qualified? Anyway screw them, globally speaking there are really only a hand full of countries that actually matter: The USA, Russia, the UK, China, India, Pakistan and Israel. You could probably throw in France, Germany and perhaps 1 or 2 other major European powers but they are all neutered by the EU so they hardly count for anything anymore. Anyhoo, everyone else pretty much exists as independent nations at the grace of these 6 or so nations. The entire peoples of South East Asia a good chunk of South America and probably all of Africa could be transported out into the vacuum of space forever and it wouldn’t have much effect on the rest of the world if any.

They aren’t “equal” and that’s life, it doesn’t mean as individuals they aren’t important everyone is to some degree but the first thing most of us learn about life is that life isn’t fair. For those of us lucky enough to be born here in the blessed USA that usually means that someone else has more toys than we do. In a lot of places it means someone else gets to eat and you don’t. And you see that isn’t WRONG, it’s just life, our Founding Fathers loved us enough to fight and die to create a land of prosperity and freedom, not a land of fairness equality, but a place where we can all make it or not based solely upon our own merits.

Our allies are those like the UK and Israel who on at least a fundamental level support that ideal. Though the UK has been straying from that policy domestically, they still seem to support it internationally. And Israel is the only light in the great dark that is the Middle East (Speaking of a place that needs a few centuries of colonization to square things up).

The United States of America is the greatest nation to ever be established on the face of the planet within recorded history.  No other place in any other time within the remembrance of man has given its inhabitants such opportunity and so little interference. Our way of life as demonstrated in the last 235 years is simply the best way to live, it is exceptional.  When we interact with the world as a nation, our goal should be to shape the world so that all peoples can live the American way of life in their own nations. We individuals solve our problems, educate our children and mend our own hurts without interference with from the government. Any other life no matter who is living it is a lesser one.

Issue 4: A-Stan / Iraq wars)
I understand more than you do friend; we are taking part in a war that has been waged against the west unabated for more than 1400 years. The religion of Islam has from its outset sought to obliterate all points of view that don’t exactly line up with its dictates. And it has done quite well at that in areas where it has achieved control. The people in Iraq according to my friends who have been there are pretty much what I’ve described with notable exceptions.  These are largely folks who don’t let women drive for crying out loud man. Those in Iraq are somewhat better than those in A-stan but man that’s like saying someone didn’t kill as many people as Stalin.

I stand by my statement that our losses are statistically insignificant. The individual impact notwithstanding we have lost slightly more than 6,000 troops to enemy action in the fully 10 years engaged actively in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We lose 1,000+/- troops every year to accidents during transportation so by that accounting we lost 10,000 troopers to accidents in the same 10 years we lost 6,000 to hostile action. Compared to say Korea which lasted 3 years where we lost 36,574 men (that’s about 12,000 per year or 1,000 per month) Even if you roll our wounded into the Iraq / Afghanistan numbers you don’t quite reach that number. We won’t bother to talk about WW2 where we would call all our casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan “A good month”.  So yeah historically and militarily speaking our losses have been statistically insignificant, they have not in any way decreased our war fighting capability nor have they seriously depopulated our nation. I don’t need to have served or not to have served to make that observation.

And no, of course I wouldn’t tell a family of a dead soldier that their loss is insignificant.  I would tell them “Thank you, for making such a great sacrifice to the freedom and security of our beloved nation”. To say anything else would be retarded and not pertinent to their situation.

Issue 5: .gov expenses)
Yeah see I’m pretty sure we shot up a chunk of Great Britton’s army because they were taxing us without our having any say in the matter. And the Founding Fathers gave us the 2nd amendment so we could do the same thing to anyone who tried to do that to us again.  

The government of the USA has no responsibility to educate the citizenry and it shouldn’t. The last thing we want is the government having any say in the education and belief system of the next generation of voters.  That’s the quickest way to have an indoctrinated electorate, which is the situation we are quickly finding ourselves in these days. The best source of education is the one the individual chooses for his children that way the children are brought up the way their parents would choose not the way the government chooses which would create a pro-government generation rather than one highly suspicious of their government. Of course I wouldn’t expect someone who has come up in our government controlled indoctrination centers… err I mean public schools to agree to such things.

Issue 6: Freedom and Equality)
Its true that freedom and equality are inseparably linked: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

 It is however important to point out that not all equals are equal. For example I think it would be a good guess to say you are not my equal with a rifle, pistol or shotgun. However we might be equals in a boxing match. And yet we are in fact created equal, given the same basic rights and chances in life. Sure, you may come from a more privileged background than I; while I may be more athletic than you it may be completely reverse who knows. But we are given the same rights before the Law and the same rights as Americans and that makes us equal. But we are not the same; my skills may just make me a millionaire while yours barely let you squeak by. We are no less “equal” before the law and before God, though one of us may matter more in the grand scheme of things, may influence more and change more, we are still equal in opportunity and right though never in skill and in success.

Our society is indeed “better” to be a moral, intelligent man I am forced to make judgments about everything I see.  Morals, ethics, values and ideals all of these tell me what our worth is as a society and what others are worth as well. We are the best because of our value of the individual and of freedom. Other societies who detract from or eliminate the value of the individual’s freedom are worth less or even worthless as societies because they contradict that which is natural and moral and true. All societies must uphold the value of the individual more than that of the group or they are tyrannical and that very feudalist system you so rail against.

China, India, Europe and the entire 3rd world increasingly value the society as a whole the “needs of the many” as it were over the freedom of the individual. You see while you and your liberal socialist buddies are so concerned over the rights of the racial minorities, you all forget the smallest minority of all; the individual. And anyone who has been outside the ivory towers of academia knows that the traditional USA the place that George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson helped build and defend, the place that Obama is now trying to destroy is the best place the world has ever known, or more than likely ever will know again.

Issue 7: Bush’s Military Service)
You said and I quote:

“a man who refused actual military service”

 he volunteered for the Air National Guard, you just said the National Guard isn’t actual military service.
That is beyond the pale of civil conversation or thought buddy and it’s a downright asshole thing to say. That is all the evidence I need.

Oh and “Fuadalist” is spelled “Feudalist” and “Therefor” has an ‘e’ at the end.  (Cause it’s hard for me to keep up with your vaunted 10th grade vocabulary when you don’t spell shit right)

Now, go bother a dictator somewhere I’m through with you. Before you go and type out some snarky ass response, make sure you re-read the pertinent section of this writ ‘cause I’ve probably already answered whatever you were going to say.  So scram before you get your brain hurt.

Now I know it probably didn’t do any good, but I’m tired of our side always having to back down from arguments and debates. So I’m not going to any more. They are wrong, they are trying to destroy our great and beloved nation and I won’t just roll over and let them squawk on while they do it. I will voice my objection and I will stand firm even if no one else does.

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  1. July 26, 2011 6:19 am

    Nice but useless. You don’t solve for Liberals like him by talking to them any more than you solve for the terrorists they support by doing so.

    • August 8, 2011 10:11 am

      It’s true.
      He actually responded, not really a response mind you but he replied.
      Didn’t actually engage any of the points or anything just accused me or retardation and ignorance. oh well.

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