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Huh, well then I have a solution!

July 27, 2011

Well lookie here!  It seems that 4 federal agencies were fully complicit in operation “Fast and Furious” AKA Operation Gunwalker.

So I have a 6 part solution to the problem:

Part 1) Arrest everyone even remotely in these operations and try them on all possible charges.

Part 2) Disband all agencies even remotely involved in this operation.

Part 3) Fire all employees currently employed by these agencies and permanently ban them from non-military federal service.

Part 4) Deploy the military along the border to secure it, grant power to land owners along the border to stop and hold with all necessary force all invaders entering US soil through non-regulated checkpoints.

Part 5) Mandate that all local law enforcement agencies begin immediate enforcement of all immigration laws and systematically purge our nation of all invaders through military processing. (they aren’t US citizens the proper agency to deal with them is the US military)

Part 6) Trash all federal weapons, drug and “security regulations” returning that power to the states where it belongs and eliminating the need for either the DEA or the BATFE. (I would expect quick enactment of state drug laws and unfortunately some states would create more draconian weapons laws along the lines of current federal legislation.)

There problem solved.

Just too bad no one is gonna listen.

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