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Once again we are the party of cowards

August 1, 2011

So, unless I’m reading things wrong it appears that our “leaders” in Washington have managed to come to some sort of consensus… which is never good for us.

From what I can tell the GOP managed to harass enough TEA Party folks into giving in to a do-nothing bill which gives Obama and co. nearly everything they wanted except tax hikes (which might happen anyway as the tax reductions Bush put into place are expiring next year and Obama could just veto their extension).  And all we got out of the deal was matching spending cuts… across god only knows how many years meaning they are largely ineffectual.

My biggest problem with this deal is that it totally side steps any form of long term solution to the problem.
There has been no major immediate spending cuts, all the entitlements are still in place, all the funding for the largely redundant federal security agencies not to mention the department of Education and miss direction, the FCC and FAA still exist and the list goes on!
We will not have fiscal viability as a nation again until we decide to live within our means. And while some levels of national debt can be good, it all depends on what you spend it on. So I’ll give you a hint folks, getting in debt basically equal to your national GDP so that lazy bums can sit on their couch in government assisted housing and snort crack all day while eating all they want thanks to your tax dollars and mine, that ain’t healthy for society nor is it good debt.

So as usual, the Republicans seem to have backed down to “get things done” rather than stand up for their principals. GOP of Cowards.

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