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August 25, 2011

This is from a report to Congress from the secDef (which is found in total here: talking about China’s Nuke capabilities. Basically they can reach out an touch… Us. And here we are taking apart all our lovely nuclear weapons as fast as we can while China is building them as fast as they can. Goodie.

China is probably the single greatest external threat (the democrat party would be the biggest threat in general terms) to our future liberty that we have ever known. They don’t think like us, they don’t act like us and they have different goals from anyone we’ve dealt with in recent memory. I’m not convinced that MAD would work with them either.

They are also building what may be the worlds biggest navy and rapidly duplicating our most advanced technology… mostly because they are building it all for us. They have what may or may not be functional prototypes / production stealth aircraft, we know they have their hands on some of our old stealth F117a stealth plains and there are photos of some F22 look alikes running around out there two.

Not to mention that they have nearly 1.5 billion people to throw around.

Oh, and they are the biggest foreign holder of US debt.


Ho-ray for us.

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