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The BATFE is a criminal organization.

September 26, 2011

Like the title says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is a criminal organization that thinks its self above the law and is generally not useful for anything other than raping the hell out of our constitutional rights. Everything about this organization would have our Founding Fathers (literally) up in arms. Their entire mandate is to violate various right natural and enumerated within the constitution, their very existence is an affront to individual liberty and the foundational concepts of what the US is all about, they should be immediately disbanded and most of those involved should be brought up on charges ranging from Treason to accessory to murder and theft.

And here is a new report on a new tidbit of their despotism:
Thats right folks, not only did they allow “illegal” purchase of weapons (a thing that should be in no way regulated btw, that there are those who “can” or “cannot” keep and bear arms is an affront to the ideas of liberty and freedom upon which our country was founded) they actually bought and sold the weapons to drug cartel agents and from what I can tell deliberately lost track of them.

The only purpose I can think of for this whole Fast and Furious gun running scheme to have been put into the works to begin with is to give elements of the left the ammunition it needs to lobby more effectively to eliminate our most sacred of rights. That they would basically ensure that the bad guys not only got their hands on these weapons but didn’t even attempt to keep track of them is just insane.

If you were even accused of this kind of thing we would be thrown into the deepest darkest hole the government could find and if they ever bothered to let you out again (remember 4 or 5 consecutive 20 year sentences equate to life in jail) you would be denied for the rest of your life basically all the basic human rights guaranteed to you in the constitution.  But since they are the government the hard evidence that we have here, which would be enough to bury anyone else, is considered suspect at best. BAH!

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