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Ron Paul declares he has no real intrest in actually running for president.

October 3, 2011

I mean we all know he is basically a barking moon bat of idiocy and hysteria when it comes to anything beyond financial, and possibly medical  subjects.
And he has said some stupid stuff before especially when talking about international affairs and our insistence that we blow people who want to kill us to kingdom come.
Yes and we know that he has almost zero chance in Real Life of actually winning the primary.


I think that this should just about tie up whatever slight hopes he might have pretended to have:

Not that Comrade Zero shouldn’t be impeached, run out of town on a rail and his name used as a by-word for executive idiocy and anti-Americanism.
But the issue of blowing up a terrorist yes of US citizenship, who by the by just happened to be sitting next to in the same car as one of our friendly insurgents’ biggest bomb makers, is not the issue to try and do it on.

First of all, there is some question as to whether or not the corpse in question renounced his citizenship prior to being corpsified by our hellfire missile, which would make him a plain old mud hut dwelling sheep shagging hajji, and we can blow all of those up that we want.
Secondly, said soon-to-be-corpse was at the time of his exiting this life engaged in one way or another supporting the war against US troops abroad.
He wasn’t in Kentucky or Texas or Washington DC even, homeboy was 3000+ miles away from the nearest patch of US soil as I said finding new ways to blow away our fine men and women in uniform.


Ron Paul just never ceases to prove he is a total tool.

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