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On the so-called 99%

October 12, 2011

So I decided to get past the hype of the Soft Marxists Children’s Theater Group. (a.k.a. Occupy Wall Street) and see if I could find the real issues behind the movement.

 I found this blog where people and students all across the country were posting picture of themselves holding up notes about why they consider themselves part of this movement.

 Through a high-tech scientific method of my own creation: I read through many pages of the picture and found these commonalities between them.

 Individual Characteristics:

  1. These are college students or just a few years out.
  2. They are unemployed, underemployed or concerned they will be when they get out of college.
  3. They are in-debt.
  4. They want medical insurance.

Who they blame for their present condition:

  1. The “Banks”
  2. Wall Street
  3. “Low” taxes on the “Rich”
  4. Insurance companies.

 These things are of a concern to all of us, but this group is terribly miss-guided it has become a pack mentality and there is little individual thought.

 What they are not saying:

  1. Problem with K-12 education policies. Why is it that thirteen years of public school qualify a person for no reasonable jobs? What would you expect if the government added four more years to that?
  2. The continued rise of the minimum wage is why there is such a high un-employment rate. Watch this.
  3. They completely miss that government has contributed significantly to the price increases and high-cost in the medical field & insurance.  If they thought that the cost of health care was high before just wait till it’s free.
  4. No personal responsibility. Apart from everything else no one takes personal responsibility for their actions which could have led to their present conditions that could include poor degree choice, poor financial choices, poor housing choices etc.

 Closing quote from Allen Barton:

“I’m part of the approximately 80% that thinks the fraction of a single percent that calls themselves the 99% should all go back to work.”

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