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New Chronograph and cool data!

December 28, 2011

So a few weeks ago a very cool youtube channel MilitaryArmsChannel posted a video regarding the muzzle velocity from AKMs and the pistol versions known and Dracos.

Here is the video:

He got a dramatic change in velocities between his AK and his Dracos, so I wanted to check out some different brands of ammo.

I shot Wolf Military classic, Yugo surplus and Hornady with the 123gr SST.


My results were VERY different from what MAC got (of course I only took two shots with each type of ammo, that SST stuff is expensive!)

Normal AK:
Wolf: 2341, 2354
Yugo: 2315, 2295
Hornady: 2225, 2239

Draco C:
Wolf: 2290, 2284
Yugo: 2245, 2230
Hornady: 2101, 2114

I am going to go out again this weekend with more ammo to test, going to try 5 shot strings this time.

But with the most divergent giving me roughly 110 ish FPS difference and the closest in the 50s I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out.
I think that the brown bear ammo that MAC used in his tests has a slower burn rate on the powder so that the bullet needs a longer barrel to attain velocity.
Also I’m sticking with the Hornady ammo for self defense purposes due to the SST bullet and AKs not needing huge velocity to perform properly, its also some of the most accurate AK ammo I’ve ever fired.

More later, cool ammo review coming down in a few days, stay tuned!

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