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Ammo review for

January 30, 2012

So I’ve been asked by a real live part of the greater gun world to write a review piece. has asked me to review some of their ammo and I am more than happy to go shooting especially when someone else buys the ammo!  Bulk ammo .com is a seller of ballistic enjoyment we like to call ammo. It is my understanding that they are connected with several other ammo websites out there and have an extensive interconnected supply chain, it’s always nice to avoid surprise backorders!

Steve from Bulk ammo asked me to review some .308 ammo for him and I was very happy to do so, I’ve been shooting the daylights out of my Broadsword and good .308 fodder is always good to know about. To be honest it’s also a real thrill to be asked by someone in the gun world to write something about my favorite hobby.

Anyhow they sent me 2 boxes of some Seller and Bellot 180gr FMJ ammo.

Now I’ve never actually shot and S&B ammo before but I’d always heard good things. These rounds were very nice, all the rounds were uniform and quite shiny, which is something that a guy like me that mostly shoots surplus ammo really notices!

So I headed out to the range with my Chrony chronograph, I fired 3 rounds from my 20” barrel Broadsword SR25 style rifle and 3 from my Savage 10 with a 24” barrel. I know it’s not a huge sample but I only have 40 rounds to work with.

The average speed out of the Broadsword is 2420 FPS.

The average speed out of the Savage was 2450 FPS.

For comparison my hand load 175gr SMK rounds run about 2640fps and the Federal cheap stuff from Wal-mart pokes along at about 2850fps. So with the 180gr bullet you lose some velocity which is expected.

I shot a few groups with the Broadsword at 100 yards, but I wasn’t happy with my set up and the groups were about 1.5” which I believe to be my fault.

Group Pic

I will be going back out to the range hopefully this weekend and I will shoot some more 100 yd groups and I am planning on getting some rounds down on the 600 yard line so I will update on Sunday if I get out Saturday like I’m planning.

Right now I’m happy with this ammo it looks like a solid option for practice ammo that is an analogue to some of the heavier hunting rounds at a fraction of the cost.

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