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Corrective Action

February 10, 2012

Parents are instructed in various sections of the Bible to bring their children up properly.

I have no idea if the gentleman in the video below is a believer or not, I do know he is a responsible parent, reading through his facebook (which he linked to by the way I didn’t track him down or anything) its obvious that his top priority is making sure his kids are raised properly.

The US could do with a bunch more parents like this guy! Good on you sir!

Yall should click through and read some of the comments on youtube and on his facebook. Simply evidence that our society is slipping beneath the waves.

Reading through some of his posts regarding that video I enjoyed seeing his introspection on the whole thing, including his refusal to accept any media attention on the grounds it would teach his kids that it was ok to profit from doing something wrong. And a knowledge that the media would very probably twist and contort everything they say to make them look crazy.

Anyhow I was very impressed by this guy’s demeanor not necessarily in the video but in everything else hes had to say.

Right, carry on.

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