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God speed Andrew Breitbart.

March 2, 2012

America has lost one of its greatest paladins of freedom in our generation, a warrior no less courageous though his battles were of words and ideas rather than of guns and bombs. Andrew Breitbart was fighting the battle for America’s future and he was fighting it to win. Bill Whittle said that Breitbart was the only one on the conservative side that was actually taking scalps, and he is absolutely bang on, no other conservative in influential positions are out there literally dismantling the liberal machine like Mr. Breitbart was. And from what I can tell he loved every minute of the fight. The sense of loss at his passing is palpable, may his life inspire others to greater feats of courage and the will to speak out and work out against the evil that is consuming our once great nation.

I found this excerpt from Tucker Carlson’s memorial of Breitbart quite telling:

Andrew was a great performer of course, but I never got the sense that he was a natural extrovert. He pushed himself. He was utterly ballsy that way, willing to do things that scared him. Last year he showed up at an Occupy Wall Street protest on rollerblades. Within minutes, through pure aggression and fast talking, he’d taken command of the crowd. The protest ended when Andrew led the obedient mob to a local chain restaurant for lunch.
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And that’s just it, Breitbart knew the left is absurd and found joy in helping them display it.

My prayers are with his wife and children, and for our country, this next battle upon which we are about to embark will be so much more hard to see through without one of our best among our ranks.

God speed Andrew Breitbart.  


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