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Oh look a recent Communist propaganda piece

March 6, 2012

If people incapable of intelligently choosing their own governance; a government by the people for the people and of the people as it were, the only other option is totalitarianism and tyranny.
Communism is the only totalitarian world view operating at a systematic level in the world these days, it takes many forms but the root disease is the same.
All of the leftist agenda from blooms taxonomy polluting our schools to this seemingly harmless “study” wandering through the news cycle its all part of the communist narrative to change this nation into some perverted communist cesspool utopia.
Its not a conspiracy theory, that would imply it was hidden or secret but the communist type folks literally spell it out (one linky: ) in so many words what their agenda is, and reading various communist works you can see it quite clearly.

However bad the people are at picking their political leadership, it is the only way for people to exist as free men, to retain individual liberty and fundamentally govern themselves.

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