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A Modern American Lynching

March 26, 2012

Do you want to know what a lynching looks like in the 21st Century?
Look no further than the despicable handling by the media and government officials regarding the Zimmerman / Martin incident.

With no evidence of wrong doing save the room temperature body of what is increasingly looking to be a local small time thug, the media, race baiters and politicians up to and including the very President of the United States himself have basically declared Mr. Zimmerman guilty of cold blooded murder, and have branded him a racists, a white supremacist (which is funny given he’s Hispanic) and dragged his character through the mud on every TV, news paper and political blog on the internet.  And straggly enough, large parts of the Gun community are following suit. They are so desperate to distance themselves from anything even remotely borderline (and what isn’t in life) gun enthusiasts and advocates joined the chorus with comments like “he looks guilty” and a mountain of arm chair quarterbacking with nary a scrap of information to go on other than what the communist media feeds them. Its important to note how they have framed Mr. Martin, using old pictures from when he was much younger, to make him look innocent and youthful and help cast him as the victim, rather than the thugish recent pictures covered in tattoos and fake gold teeth which would help people understand the actual situation that Mr. Zimmerman found himself in.

On the other hand we have the increasing amount of evidence, that Zimmerman was getting beaten and that his life may have been in danger.

And now we have some slimy politicians saying that they need to federally review stand your ground laws across the nation which just gives credence to the idea that all the hoopla around this case is part of a grater narrative and just like what the feds wanted Gunwalker to be this is simply another piece of the national war on the 2nd Amendment from the leftist propaganda division.

Now of course we don’t have all the evidence, but however the case turns out we still have the massive media narrative framing the story in the light of the hated (by the media) castle doctrine laws and other pro-law abiding citizen self defense laws. And they hate those laws because if you can take care of yourself, you don’t need the government to do it for you.

However this turns out, it has been a propaganda win for the left and another step down the communist agenda for the USA.

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