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A bit slow are we?

March 29, 2012

So according to Drudge, several leftists as part of the ongoing propaganda war against the right to self defense based around the case of Zimmerman and Martin have been publishing the home addresses of Zimmerman and his family. I guess in hopes that some vigilantes will go take care of them or something.

But I think there has got to be some serious short circuits going on in the brains of the leftists in question here.

Zimmerman has already demonstrated that he owns firearms and is willing to use them to defend himself on the street, how much more do you think he’s going to aggressively defend himself and his family in his own home? And do we really think its much of a stretch to assume that Zimmerman’s parents are armed? I guess these leftists are looking for a massacre of their followers or something, because a bunch of folks busting in a door of an armed American in the south with violence and destruction on their mind is only going to end one way, and I’m going to put my money on the Armed Citizen all day long.

So all I can figure is that these lefties are just really quite slow, perhaps they should be diagnosed as mentally disabled so they can get the help they so obviously need.

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