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A little lighter side for your friday

March 30, 2012

So I don’t really give any attention to modern music of any genre, pretty much all of it sucks and its all made by liberal idiots so I simply can’t be bothered.

However I was dinking around over on and I saw a link to this story here:

First of all well done Ms. Perry, I watched the video and it seems to give quite the positive look at the USMC, albeit in a some what non sequitur kind of way.
The star of the vid also shoots an M16 on a firing range and that is a second +1 for Ms. Perry for portraying firearms in a positive light.

I seem to recall Ms. Perry being the center of some scandal on twitter where she said something in support of western civilization and somewhat against Islam but I could be mixing her up with another pop star they all look and sound the same so its hard to keep them straight. So closet conservative maybe? We can only hope

Anyhow something not awful from the modern music world… well the video anyway, that music needs some work.

Have a good weekend yall.

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