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Blood and forgiveness.

April 6, 2012

For most of the world these days, Easter is little more than the spring holiday, an extra day of rest at the beginning of the spring season.
To many the day has lost all meaning, all context is nearly wiped from our society and culture, replaced with furry rabbits and colored eggs, to the total exclusion of Christ and his sacrifice.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t care two bits about the bunnies and eggs but I do care about the general ignorance of who Jesus Christ is, and why he came to earth and died on a cross.

So were going to take the next few minutes and simply take care of that little problem for anyone who happens to read this blog.

To put it simply, Jesus paid for everything you’ve ever done, or ever will do from innocently wrong, to genocidally dreadful in one day on the Cross. Which is what we remember on Good Friday; that sacrifice for us all.

On Sunday, Easter Sunday we remember what came next. After three days, a period that both fulfills prophecy and demonstrates his death was real, death was undone. And Christ rose again, alive! Not in some metaphysical sense “alive” but living, breathing and eating just like you and me, granted in a purified form!  His death was the sacrifice; his resurrection was proof of its completion, acceptance and authenticity. And it gives us reason to hope upon his promise to return.

The result is a standing offer to all men, women and children that they can know and be sure they will get into heaven, and it’s absolutely free. Simple belief, a childlike faith that Christ is who he said he was and will do and has done what he said he would is all that’s required, and it is done, forever and always no other commitment or act ever required.  There is no other part to it, it’s a simple gift offered out of love from an incomprehensibly merciful creator God.

In the end Easter is more about blood and victory than bunnies and eggs.

We believe not in a dead and buried man, but a risen, still living King, and we live expectantly in the light his imminent (and we pray soon) return.

Praise be to God for his indescribable gift!

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