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Texas Elections

May 30, 2012

There were several pretty big disappointments in the elections last night.
Roland Sledge and Danial Miller were two folks I was really pulling for and I am extremely disappointed in the lack of wisdom in the electorate in not selecting either of these excellent individuals!
Both Texas rep district 21 and the Texas oil and gas industry will be damaged because of the lower quality people who will be filling the jobs these men could have excelled in.

But there are several bright points!

Ted Cruz and Randy Weber are in run-offs may they both be triumphant.
David Bradly fought off the obnoxious harridan put forward by big money in Austin so he can continue to be a boon for Texas and a thorn in the side for other politicians.
And James White beat Hamilton which is a major blessing for conservatives in Texas.

We need to help Cruz and Weber in their run offs in a couple months!
If we have any chance at all (of which I am highly unconvinced) we have to get the absolutely best people in DC to fight for us.
I really think Cruz and Weber are the best options on the field.

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