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How to hide a hit on the 2nd Amendment?

June 20, 2012

Easy answer, Executive privilege!


The only thing I can figure is that some of these documents explicitly state that the whole operation was to set the ground work for extensive gun control here in the states.
And that my friends would be highly inconvenient and un-helpful to the regime in this, an election year.

The shenanigans that this administration continues to get away with are simply beyond the pale. These are not wars that may or may not have been started exactly as the constitution states (but were still backed and funded by congress a by fiat legitimization) this is probably the most open attack on the 2nd Amendment in the last 30 years. The things the BATFE did in this operation would send ANY other people or group of people away to jail for quite literally the rest of their lives. There is no reason why those involved in this operation shouldn’t face the same consequences that the rest of us would, because Law Enforcement are no more special or above the law than we lowly normal citizens are.
We should all contact our congresscritters and let them know that we support them kicking the admin’s teeth in on this one! Congress can overrule executive privilege and this is EXACTLY the time for an override to occur.

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