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Circular firing squad

August 22, 2012
A guy named Todd Akin who is running for a highly contested Senate seat in Missouri said some stuff that has apparently given a right case of the vapors to all sorts of folks… most of whom I’ll be honest I wouldn’t piss on were they on fire.
But for a reason known only to God, our own team has decided its a great idea to help crucify this guy.
I seriously wonder if we really want to win this short of a shooting match or not.

So as you might imagine I have an opinion on this matter, actually I have two:


I happen to believe him when he says that he meant “forcible” instead of “legitimate” but that seriously wasn’t anywhere near the core point to what he was saying. Which is why it was stupid to say anything about the different kinds of ways folks can violate each other. But this is all people are talking about! All they want to talk about is how he mentioned in passing that he was told women don’t get pregnant as easily from a “legitimate” (because YES there are some lower classes of human who do things like lie or make things up to ruin other folk’s lives if it can help them at all but apparently we can’t talk about that cause it will cause some folks to get their panties in a twist) Rape as they do from other sex, because of natural defense mechanisms. Is it true? Who knows, and honestly I don’t care because this isn’t the core of what he was saying.

His core issue, is one the Republican party has as a main plank and that is the protection of unborn children. Which I know both small and big ‘L’ libertarian type folks tend to get squeamish discussing I think its because there is a short circuit somewhere in their brain when they talk about it. Some where between “rights of the woman to bandy about her neither regions with no consequences” and “rights of the baby to have a chance to you know, freaking LIVE” a wire gets crossed in their brain and they tend to default to “not sure its a human” and move on. But its really quite appalling that we allow such violence to be perpetrated against our most innocent citizens. This issue is a fundamental part of the Republican party platform, and in my opinion it is probably the most important issue facing our country today. How we treat the most innocent and helpless defines who we are as a people, and honestly how we are allowing ourselves to be defined as a people is pretty horrific. If Gods judgement falls upon America, I believe that it will in large part be because we have allowed the wholesale slaughter of the unborn to take place unhindered. Even in extreme cases like rape, why execute the child for the sins of the father? That is about as anti-western an idea as  you can possibly get!

Or as one of my friends said:
“How can anyone think that the manner in which a child is conceived should determine whether they should live or die?”

And that is spot on!


We need to decide as either members of the Republican party (like me) or the more general conservative/libertarian right (like some of yall unaffiliated types) that we are going to freaking win elections.

Letting the media and the left crucify this guy and then joining in the flogging is NOT winning elections, its participating in a popularity contest. And we on the right side of the dial are ALWAYS going to lose popularity contests with the left.

Should a Democrat have said such a thing as this or worse (and they have) they would circle the wagons, protect the guy and win the freaking election. Because they as a greater party want to forward an agenda at a national level and they understand that to do that, you have to win and sometimes you have to help people who aren’t that articulate win.

So we as a greater right of center people, who care about even love our country and the foundational ideals that made us who we are. Have to decide we are going to cowboy up and get our agenda forward at the national level no matter what. Which means winning elections, even when we have to help people win who aren’t that articulate. Because we can see the bigger picture and because we understand how national politics work. All of which I have yet to be convinced of for most of the L(l)ibertarian right.

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