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The dogs of war

September 12, 2012

America is attacked. We are at war but we refuse to acknowledge it.

Our sovereign soil was violated by wogs in two different nations yesterday, and we will do nothing. They killed our people, sons and daughters from OUR people! And we will do nothing. We are weak and America, refuses to accept as a people that we are at war and will not tolerate the actions necessary to win that war. We seem to believe that if we ignore this problem it will go away! Well the bad news is that Islam has been at war with the west, western culture, western thought and western Religion since 622AD, that is just under 1400 years for those of you keeping count, and for at least 1000 of those years the war was open war, fought with great armies in the Middle East, Spain, France, Hungary, Romania, Greece, etc. Islam isn’t going away, and we are eventually going to have to deal with it, the old fashioned way.

There is only one response that is acceptable when you are attacked, whether that attack is someone attacking you on the street, in your home, at your place of work or if they attack your nation, your home and your people; overwhelming violence to end the attack RIGHT NOW!  And if you are a nation, you need to hit them back so hard that the very name of your country is synonymous with horrific judgment from God himself.

It is time for America to rise, we either take our stand or fade from history, and sure these worthless wogs aren’t going to end us today or even next year. But we are allowing a precedent to be formed, an image of who and what America is. And we need to change that idea very soon.

So, we find those who did these acts, we find the people that they care about and we bury them all.
We need to show these dirt balls what terror really looks like. Make Libya a byword in the mouths of the people in the region, raze Benghazi and all its inhabitants to the ground, sow the ground around it with salt and make it a radioactive dump.  Arm our diplomatic guards and give them permission to shoot to kill when threatened, and bring them lots of ammo.

And before any twit out there says something like “Its only a few of them most Muslim people are peace loving tolerant folks”, I will remind you that on 9/11/01 upon hearing the news of the attacks on our city, the Muslim world rejoiced as one! These are an evil, vile people of a wicked religion steeped in violence to their fellow man and they want to make us like them, or kill us if we will not convert.

These people are our enemies, its about time we started treating them as such.

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war!

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