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September 14, 2012

The only explanation that I can come to is ideology.

When I wonder why the leftist retards very nearly riot in the street when a Christian condemns a perverted sexual act, or seeks to protect the life of the unborn and then will turn around and call for peace and civility when Islam BLOWS UP our embassy in Benghazi and kills 4 of our people, including our representative to the region.    This happens every damn time! After 9/11, after prop 8 in CA, after the underpants bomber, etc. We, the peaceful believers in Christ are condemned at every turn while the Islamics do quite literally murder our people and WE are condemned if we point out that its the way their religion works.

Ideology is the only answer. The left knows that Protestant Christianity, the morals it brings to a society, the resistance to tyranny, the individual nature of our faith is the single biggest road block in their plans for our beloved nation. And to kill that roadblock the leftist ideologue will happily embrace the terror that is the religion of Islam, at least for now.

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