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The third rail of American politics.

October 2, 2012

They say that if you want to get elected, you don’t talk about abortion. I say that if you don’t actively oppose and fight abortion, you are pure evil and don’t deserve to hold office in our beloved nation.  Pure and simple abortion kills a child, whether done on day 3 or day 203 of the pregnancy the act of an abortion does  not simply remove tissue, it ends a life to put it plainly it kills a human. And this happens three times per minute every day and every week, all year long. To the tune of 1,200,000 people killed before they even have a chance to be born.

To put it in perspective here is a chart from government sources by the numbers:

So statistically speaking, the most dangerous thing an American child ever did was being born. We kill more children every year in America than land mines, cancer, guns, and car accidents put together. And we have UN delegates falling all over themselves to do something about all these things, but do we hear one word about the ocean of blood shed every year from abortions? No of course not, that’s women’s health!


Every 4 ½ years we kill enough children to outpace Adolph Hitler’s holocaust. Every year we kill more children than he killed people in any year except in 1944 that he was in power, and in 44 we only miss by a couple hundred thousand. Since 1973 we have condoned the unjustified killing of well over 50,000,000 children, making this probably the greatest genocide to have been perpetuated in all of history, the only contender really is the USSR with between 30 and 50 million killed.

So the question is as it always is with genocide: Why?

The answer is really sadly quite simple. People lose their inherent value when the foundation of morality moves from the objective, imperial values set down by the God of the Bible and becomes the subjective, fluid morality of “society” which holds to no greater authority but the mob and the mob likes what feels good, and consequences for actions never feel good.

For years I have prayed that God would bless America, right now I honestly wonder why he would.

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