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Reuniting the Divided

November 13, 2012

The fact that the most corrupt, secular, Marxist administration in U.S. history has been re-elected should not cause the good, righteous, capitalists to withdraw from political activism. We must be ever more vigilant in our efforts.
Conservatives and republicans alike should learn from the 2012 election and apply it to the next election.
We need not be apologetic about who we are.
We need to have a unified idea(s) on how to restore this country.
The Democrats were elected on one principal (a lie that it is) that principal is they care about people.

  • Social program show that “they care about the poor”!
  • Free healthcare show that “they care about the sick”!
  • Increasing the tax rate on the wealthy show that “they care about the commoner”!
  • Same sex marriage show that “they care about the homosexuals”!
  • More money for education show “they care about your children”!

Conservatives believe the ideas presented by the democrats in 2012 are not only harmful to the country as a whole but also to the individual.

  • Social programs are not helpful to the poor in the same way giving a man a fish will feed him for a day but teaching a man to fish will let him feed himself.
  • Free healthcare is not helpful for the sick because it will cause over use, as we are seeing in Europe and Canada. In turn this will not allowing the sick to use it when they truly need it.
  • To single out one segment of the population for higher taxes, even if they are well-to-do, is no less discriminatory than what the civil rights movement fought to overcome in the last century that the democrats claim to have pioneered (but didn’t).
  • Same sex marriage has been covered extensively on this blog. Here and Here.
  • The reason education is depicted as so important is that an entire generation has gone through the Godless education system and been indoctrinated that “education is the key to success”. Success comes through hard-work and ambition; just ask any “C” student/High-School-dropout running a company.

Our constitutional republic was intended to combat extremism by making extremists appease minorities. We conservatives are now in the minority, at least those of us that get out and vote. The democrats in office must appease us!
In reality conservatives shouldn’t be seeking to remove ourselves from governing political structure. Conservatives have not left the governing foundation of this country; the leaders in minor-majority have left the intent of the governed.

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  1. Sheryl permalink
    December 17, 2012 1:30 pm


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