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Possibly Useful New Laws for Texas CHLs

January 8, 2013

I am seriously liking these new Concealed Handgun bills in the Texas legislature (at least as much about them as I know).

The 10 hours currently required to get a concealed handgun in Texas is just insane. It is too much time to pay attention and too much information to absorb.
And of course you all should know that I fundamentally don’t believe in any licensed carry at all. Anyone should be able to carry whatever arms they want in whatever manner that they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. But we have a licensing system in Texas and there probably isn’t much we can do about it unfortunately.

Now 4 hours isn’t enough time to cover the law even in brief. There are a LOT of stupid, pointless weapon laws in Texas that can send you to jail if you accidentally violate one. However it is ultimately the responsibility of the responsibly armed citizen to know the details of the laws in their area and to obey them. But an over view of the law is the only possible useful thing to do in these classes. And it’s easy enough to just hand out a copy of the law and say “read this” hit a couple of the hard points and move on and the government takes too much of our time anyway.

The re-up classes needed to be done away with a long time ago. Again its personal responsibility to keep up with changes in the law and we should respect each other enough to accept that.

Anyhow I hope these laws pass. We need less government in our lives anywhere we can get it.

Now to work on open carry and carry in schools…

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