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Freedom rising in Texas

January 25, 2013

While the federal government is attempting to string a noose around the neck of the 2nd Amendment, our first freedom recognized in (not granted by but recognized as an existing inalienable right endowed by God upon all men) the US Constitution, the states that are led and directed by freedom loving Americans are working on breaking the chains of tyranny.

Two bills introduced into the state legislature may give Texans some of their freedoms back.

HB 700 is an open carry bill that amends the concealed carry law to allow license holders the right to carry openly or concealed as they wish, not perfect but a good start.

SB183 is a bill that will change the law to allow concealed handgun license holders the freedom to carry their handgun in more places including college campuses, a welcome change as gun free zones serve only to disarm the potential victims of crime and save no one.

(this would be a good time to contact your Texas state senator and congressman to tell them to get their support behind these two bills!)

Around the country county sheriffs are signing a pledge to have no part in the enforcement of new draconian, tyrannical arms control measures being proposed by evil tyrants in the house and senate. While it remains to be seen if these pledges are more than political grandstanding it gives one hope a slim hope but hope yet, that we might even still have a chance to turn this tide of darkness oozing out over America from Washington DC and our institutions of education.

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